Why, Where and How to Keep Peacock Feathers at Home to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Keeping Peacock Feathers at Home to Attracts Wealth and Prosperity

Peacock is our national bird and they are also considered to be one of the most beautiful birds. The way they attract people towards themselves, they also attract good fortune and are auspicious in many ways. There are many mythological believes behind them and have been marked as one of the most auspicious birds as per Hindu mythology and they also carry some special importance as per our Vaastu Shastra.

As per Indian mythology, there are many stories behind the importance of Peacock like;

  • Many decades before it was a Peacock helped Deity Indra to hide in its feathers to save his life from an Assur and from that time it gained significant importance in the history of Indian mythology. It was lord Indra who blessed Peacock with its attractive feathers, as they were colourless and pale before. It also turned into an auspicious bird for us.
  • Lord Krishna also wears this Peacock feather on his head and lord Krishna is an avatar of Deity Vishnu. All these increase the importance of Peacock’s feather.

As per Indian Vaastu peacocks are marked as a luck charm. It is helpful in dealing with various Vaastu dosh and is helpful in removing the negative effects of Vaastu.

Benefits and Importance of Keeping a Peacock Feather at Home

  • A Peacock removes all kinds of negative energy and brings positivity to your house.
  • Peacock feather attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • It keeps negative energy away and attracts positive vibes.
  • One should keep an idol of Ganesh and some Peacock feathers on their entrance because they attract positive vibes.
  • As we know Peacock eats Snakes and as per our Vaastu, it is Raahu which is a partial snake and is not considered to be a good planet. So, it is a belief that having a Peacock feather also reduces the effect of Rahu.
  • Peacock is a symbol of beauty and wisdom therefore it is also seen near goddess Saraswati. She is a goddess of knowledge, wisdom, growth and all these properties are also considered to be found in a Peacock’s feather.
  • The colours within its feathers are responsible for destroying the negative vibes generated due to jealousy, greed, anxiety, etc.

How and Where to Keep Peacock’s Feather to Remove all your Doshas/Bad Luck

  • The south direction is known for Lord Kuber, who is responsible for wealth and money and keeping a Peacock’s feather in the south direction in the room with almirah, attracts money and wealth.
  • Placing it in the South-East direction of your bedroom can help you to continue your work, good for health and gaining a good education.
  • North-West is good for protecting from various poisonous animals.
  • Keeping in your pocket can keep you safe from Rahu and its effects.
  • It is also found auspicious for small children, as it keeps a baby safe from bad eye. So, keep it under the pillow of small children.
  • Keeping it in a book is good for knowledge and is helpful in getting a good education and carrier.
  • It is also said to be very auspicious to keep it in your almirah for increasing the income.
  • Keeping Peacocks feather in the Northeast direction of your living room can reduce the effect of Rahu in your home.
  • Keep the Peacocks feather in your bedroom for a good married life.


Peacock is an auspicious bird and that is because we can see the same bird with goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi, Indra in his throne, Kartika as his ride, with lord Krishna and many more. The mythological importance and physical beauty of peacock also gave the title of our national bird. Apart from all these good lucks we should also work hard and give our best because good luck can only play a supportive role in our life. Being the protagonist of our own life, we should give our best then should go for these supporting roles.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is it good to have peacock feathers in the house?

Ans. Yes, it indicates new life and removes all types of negativity and bad energy from your home.

Q.2 Does peacock feathers attract money?

Ans. It is believed that peacock feather attracts wealth and prosperity.

Q.3 How long do peacock feathers last?

Ans. It lasts very long and can remain fresh for 15 to 20 years.

Q.4 Where should peacock feathers be placed in the house?

Ans. As per Vastu Shastra, we should keep it in the South East direction.

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