Why do I Feel Sad/Upset for No Reason?

Why do I Feel Sad for No Reason
Why do I Feel Sad for No Reason?

Either you are a child or a well grown-up person; all of us feel some ups and downs in our mood. There are many phases of life like childhood, adulthood, etc. Every stage of life has different problems and difficulties. It is up to you how you cope up with them. When you grow up school seems to be a fun place for you, and you miss it badly. But the same school was a burden for you when you were in.

It is a human tendency that we don’t feel the same all the time. Some days are automatically the best for us and some turn into a sad day. We follow the same routine; we do the same task still there is something positive around us and we feel the presence of some positive vibes in us. But some days are ruined by our bad moods, and anything bad hurts and makes us feel questioned about why really it is happening.

There can be various reasons behind and one of the most important and major reasons can be depression. As we know depression is a state of mind when we automatically start feeling low and depressed. It also affects your physical as well as mental health, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, are some of the common symptoms of depression. It is of various types depending on the stage and situation of the person because a pregnant woman can also feel depression and a school going child too. Apart from depression, I have mentioned some other major reasons behind such type of negative feeling below.

Why do We Feel Sad Sometimes without Any Reason

There can be many reasons behind feeling a bit off, I have discussed them one by one. You would have felt that you feel heavy and a kind of burden on your heart, without any reason. Actually, it’s heavy to feel sad that why when you cry you feel good. Because the burden gets roll-off in the form of tears.

  • The Change in Weather

A sunny day is always the best one; therefore it is very seldom we feel sad or upset when the weather is pleasant. Actually, a dark and cloudy day can ruin your mood. In research, it has been found that during winters, autumn, like seasons people feel sad. Feeling sad is a sign of depression and a depressed person really feels sad for no reason. In an odd season or day, we get trapped within our homes and this causes us to suffer. This kind of depression is especially seen in women.

  • The Functioning of Brain

All of us differ in our looks, energy levels, etc. similarly there is a difference in our mental state. Our brain functions at a different level and there is a different level of understanding in all of us. Similarly, there are different types of neurotransmitters in our brain like norepinephrine, serotonin, etc. and when these neurotransmitters get imbalanced it causes depression and anxiety which leads to a sad mood.

  • Any kind of Pain

Sometimes any kind of pain can make you feel stressed or sad. We are not only talking only about physical pain but also mental fitness matters. There can be a bad day or a horrible memory which can cause this to you. So, first of all, it is very necessary to analyze yourself and the main reason behind it. Sometimes we do not share certain feelings or any kind of awkward moments we faced with others and this can also trouble you. Metal fitness is very necessary in the case of hormonal imbalance, which can cause some unwanted worries and pain.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Whatever we feel is an outcome of our hormones, such as laughing, crying, growth, etc. like feelings. It can be the different stages of life like pregnancy, adulthood, menopause, etc. A woman can feel hormonal changes during her periods and this can also cause sadness. They can feel sad and unhappy at the same time. So, it is quite common in girls, and not only during their periods but also during menopause and pregnancy they can feel alike. Sometimes it can also increase your depression, so consult a doctor before your situation gets worse. There are some medicines available to deal with this kind of hormonal changes.

  • Stress is the Key Factor

Stress is a silent killer and it does not seem very big but causes a lot of trouble for you. Many diseases are caused due to stress and this can also ruin your mood. Stress not only triggers your mood but also affects your health. It is a fact that when you look fit it does not mean you are really fit until you have a stable mental condition. Mental illness can even kill you and don’t take it easy. Whenever you feel anything like that consult your doctor and try some activities to reduce your stress.

  • Wrong Sleeping Habit

It is possible that due to some wrong sleeping habits one can feel sad or depressed. Depression can make you either sleep a lot or sleep very less. If you are really facing this, you should really consult a doctor.

Sometimes we have late night chats and do other work at night and sleep very less. This can change your routine and affects your health. A normal person should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. If someone sleeps less, he can face the mentioned symptoms. A wrong sleeping habit can really make you feel irritated and sad. So, don’t compensate with your sleep.

  • Thinking too much

It is possible that whenever we are free, we think a lot about everything. We think about all prospects of life and it is possible and a fact that not every person equal. All of us differ in our looks, bank balance and etc. This sometimes makes us feel sad because we start comparing people and things and this makes us feel sad. So, always be busy and don’t think too much about anything because it will cause unnecessary trouble for you.

Some Other Factors behind Feeling Bad or Sad

  • It is possible that you might have moved to a new place and this can cause such feelings.
  • You have distanced yourself from your friends.
  • There could a past provoking you every time.
  • It is a fact that when you don’t be happy, you feel sad and the same thing which gives you happiness can make you sad. The same songs can bring tears in your eyes when you are sad.
  • When you expect too much, it can hurt you and this can lead to such feelings.
  • It can be someone behind your sadness, like someone you might be missing a lot can lead to such kind of feeling.
  • You can be suffering a phase of depression.
  • A person can be facing a tough time.

What to Do When You Feel Sad/How to Deal With This and Feel Good

  • Behave Normal

There can be either something behind your bad mood or it can be nothing. What so ever the reason might be, just act normal because the more you will cry or show your anxiety the more you will exaggerate the matter? Stay still and think about and figure out the exact reason. Sometimes teens behave so because of ignorance they feel especially through social media and other connecting media.

  • Develop Positivity

You can cope up with a bad mood by developing positivity around you. Listen to some motivational speeches and positive thoughts on the internet, this really helps and you can also surround yourself with positive people. Generally, all of us have some people in our contact list who always be positive and suggest good things. Just go and have a normal conversation with them, this will relax you.

  • Exercise Daily

It is possible that you might be facing a problem, so simply analyze it either what can be the worst condition you may face due to the present problem. When you will analyse, you will able to make up your mind as per your analyzed results. When we know the result, you will not feel much worried about it anymore. For example, when you know you have not prepared for your exams, you will not feel bad when you get the results because your mind was already prepared for it.

  • Eat Chocolate

Chocolates have amazing mood-lifting benefits and they can make you feel lighter instantly. The presence of serotonin is helpful in dealing with your bad mood. Generally, many of us eat when they feel sad, so it is better to eat chocolates for good results.

  • Don’t Compare

It is possible that you might be feeling sad because of the insecure inferior feeling. It happens when you compare yourself with others. It is possible that someone can be more beautiful but doesn’t analyze only their looks, also analyze other prospects of life like their studies, family condition, way to talking and I am sure you will succeed at a point. This means everyone has some special qualities, so don’t compare them with others. Sometimes people also pretend or behave what they are not. So, stay away from fake people and be confident and this will always keep you happy.

  • Stay in Bright Room

There can be multiple reasons behind feeling sad and one of them can be depression too. For dealing with any kind of bad mood, take yourself in a brighter place because sunlight fills positivity, and changes our bad mood. Even a depression patient is recommended to live in a bright room where sun rays can easily enter. These rays lighten up your mood and make you feel relaxed. That is why we feel sad and upset in winters or on a rainy day.

  • Have a Dog

Having pets can really improve your mood, one of the most common and famous pets are a dog. It has been found that they easily understand human feelings, do various activities that automatically bring a smile on your face. You can also have cats, rabbits, parrots, etc. whatever you like. Pets keep you busy and they never complain and enjoy your company every day.

  • Analyze your Situation

It is possible that you might be facing a problem, so simply analyze it either what can be the worst condition you may face due to the present problem. When you will analyse, you will able to make up your mind as per your analyzed results. When we know the result, you will not feel much worried about it anymore. For example, when you know you have not prepared for your exams, you will not feel bad when you get the results. Because your mind was already prepared for it.

  • Help Others

When nothings go right in life just step out for some good deeds and spend some time in charity. Simply helping others brings a different kind of satisfaction and it makes you feel so good that you will forget all of your worries. Helping others also improves your karma and adds positivity to your life.

  • Memories wall

Have a space for some beautiful memories in your room, because this will help you to bring an automatic smile on your face. Sometimes we live just for others like our parents and other loved ones. When they are happy, we also feel happy, so have their pictures with you, and whenever you feel sad or low just watch them and remember the beautiful time you had with them.


Life can show you different situations, sometimes it will take to the summit and the other moment it can drop you into the sea. So, try meditation because I have mentioned this in many of my articles just because it adds balance to your life. We should never get very happy or very sad because nothing exists for a long time. If today the situation is worse wait because it cannot be dark every time. Nothing is mortal in this world, so stop worrying about your problems and enjoy your life.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q.1 Is it normal if I cry every day for no reason?

Ans. No, because it is our unexpressed feeling that rolls out in the form of tears sometimes, but if you cry on daily basis, it is not a good thing. It can be a sign of depression, a serious mental illness.

Q.2 Why do I suddenly cry without any cause?

Ans. It is a kind of mental disorder and can turn into a serious illness so, consult your doctor and also try to bring some change in your day-to-day routine.

Q.3 Can hormones also make me feel sad?

Ans. Yes, a good level of Serotonin is responsible to keep you happy whereas a lower level can change your mood and makes you feel sad. It also develops sleeplessness, irritation, eating disorders, etc.

Q.4 Is it ok to feel upset or sad?

Ans. Yes, almost all of us feel sad sometimes due to various factors like our feelings, weather, stress, anxiety, etc. But if you feel sad regularly, you should take some action otherwise it can turn into a mental disorder.

Q.5 Is feeling sad is a part of my mood swings?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to feel sad because of your mood swings, and it is especially seen in women during pregnancy, periods, and menopause.

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