Why and Where to Keep Tortoise Idol at Home/Office for Good Luck

Benefits of Keeping Tortoise Idol at Home

All of us work very hard to achieve success, but sometimes we need a power booster to reach the summit and we try various things and buy signs of good luck. Similarly, it is a tortoise that is known for attracting wealth and wisdom. Either you have a live one or if not possible, you can also have an idol of a tortoise.

As per Hindu mythology, a tortoise is marked auspicious for ages. It is considered as the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Kurma avatar is from the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. Not even in India, other countries like China and many others too consider tortoise as an auspicious animal.

The Vaastu Shastra in India and Feng Shui in China, both believe in tortoise and you can easily see an idol of tortoise in different offices and homes. They are available in different metals and types.

Types of Tortoise

It is not possible for all of us to keep a live tortoise, so we can keep an idol at our home or workplace. They are available in different metals and each has specific qualities. The different types are – Resins, Crystal, Mud, Wood, and Metal.

Vastu Tips for Keeping a Tortoise Idol at Home or Office

  • Place a tortoise in your living room to maintain harmony among the family members.
  • They protect us from misfortune and create opportunities for us.
  • They are also helpful in increasing your income.
  • Keeping a tortoise in your bedroom or near your bed can improve your sleep and makes you stress-free.
  • Brings career opportunities and good luck for you and your family.
  • Placing a tortoise idol brings a blessing of good health and long life.
  • Should never be kept in the kitchen or bathroom because it brings negativity.
  • Always keep the live tortoise in the water this will increase its effect.
  • It symbolizes immortality because of its long life. A tortoise can live up to 150 years.
  • It promotes a positive environment at your home and office.
  • People struggling for good carrier should keep it in the north direction.
  • Tortoise is also known for fulfilling a wish.

What is the Correct Direction to Place a Tortoise?

As per our Vastu Shastra, direction plays a very important role in our life. Placing things in the right direction always attracts wealth and harmony in our life. Let’s see where to place an idol of tortoise made up of different materials.

  • Metal: A tortoise idol made up of any metal should be kept in the North or northwest direction of your home or office.
  • Crystal: South West or northwest direction is best to keep a crystal tortoise.
  • Wood: A wooden tortoise should be kept in the East or southeast direction to attract positivity.
  • Earth Material: An idol made up of earth metals (Mud, Resin) should be kept in the North East or southwest direction.
  • A tortoise statue of any metal should be placed in such a way that it always faces the east direction.


The tortoise is considered as a symbol of good fortune for many decades. It is also related to our mythological beliefs. This is good in many ways, so keep a tortoise and attract power, money, and success in your life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does Turtle bring good luck?

Ans. Yes, as per Indian Vastu and Feng shui tortoise attracts goo luck.

Q.2 What is the cheapest tortoise to buy?

Ans. If you are willing to have a live tortoise, the Sulcate tortoise is the best because it is the cheapest, otherwise, you can have a metal tortoise.

Q.3 Where should we keep turtle at home?

Ans. A metal, crystal, or wooden turtle should be kept in the south-east direction.

Q.4 Should live tortoises be kept in water?

Ans. A tortoise can live on both land and water, so you can optionally keep it in both.

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