What are the Best Things/Activities to do on Christmas to make it Special within Budget

Activities to do on Christmas

Christmas is a very auspicious festival and we wait for the entire year to celebrate it and the mode of celebration is different for different age groups so, there should be different activities for different age groups. As children cannot enjoy a cocktail party, so if you are planning a Christmas day celebration in a different way and within your budget, you are at the right place; we have bought many unique ideas for you which will suit your budget. We have described various activities as per your age.

How do you have Fun this Christmas in your Budget?

A party looks more stylish and sophisticated when different age groups have different sections in the same place. You can grab the below ideas and have a wonderful Christmas bash. Generally, different age groups bring a lot of choice difference, so we have discussed some best ways to celebrate your Christmas within budget.

Some Fun and Frolic Christmas Activities for Kids

Children love to play and there is nothing that they can enjoy more than trying something new with their friends. They like to make drawings, crafts, cookies, etc. Therefore, it is best for them to organize something that they can enjoy. We have bought various ideas for children, which they can either enjoy at their home or if you are planning a party you can keep such activities for them.

1. Wreath Making

You can teach your kids to make a wreath, with the help of some old stuff. As you can find leaves in your garden and can have some old ribbon and balls from the old Christmas celebration. You can also give your old ornaments to make a wreath.

2. Make Cookies

Making cookies sounds interesting and children love making various characters. We generally make cookies every year for Santa and having fun in the same work can add interest to your celebration. You can involve children in this task and you can have a great day.

3. To Organise Party

Children learn to take responsibility when we teach them and assign them a certain task. Taking responsibility also develops confidence. So, you can suggest your child host a Christmas party and manage things from his or her own savings. Try to find out what they have planned first and then give them suggestions and help.

This can bring a great change in them because they will learn to spend within budget and you can also help them when needed. They can use DIY to decorate Christmas tree and the party hall and can cook cookies and some other snacks for the party and in this way, you can have a great Christmas Eve.

4. Organise a Drawing Competition

Lets’ go green this Christmas; you can have a drawing competition with the help of all-natural colours. Generally, you can use natural colours and arrange a drawing competition, this will be within your budget, as you can use turmeric for the yellow colour, green leaves pulp for green, dried tomato powder for red, similarly, and we can find many other colours within your kitchen.

5. Write a Letter to Santa

You can ask your child to write a letter to Santa, this is an old tradition and you can help them and make this tradition come alive. Nowadays people do not write letters so, you can encourage your child because writing is a good habit and can develop his writing skills.

6. Do Some Charity

A festival is something about prayer and spirituality and you can teach your child to collect their old belongings to donate. You can encourage them to donate. Sometimes, we have many toys or clothes that children do not wear or play with, you can take them to an orphanage and donate them or when you go for Christmas shopping you can encourage your child to buy some toys for his poor friends.

7. Make Cards for Friends & Family

To celebrate your Christmas in a different way, you can make cards at home. You can encourage your child to make cards with the help of colours or some wool, old coloured paper, glitters, stickers, etc. You can also use various DIY and make some special cards for your friends and family. When we do such activities, we feel good and it is also budget-friendly. So, enjoy your Christmas by making cards.

Some Interesting Christmas Activities for Adults

There are various ideas to make your Christmas special, but it’s a big deal to have a celebration within budget. Spending too much is not an art but when you do a lot by spending only a few dollars then it’s an art. We have discussed some of the best ideas to make your celebration special and different. Either you are planning to host a party or want to celebrate it alone, we recommend you to read this article and then plan your Christmas celebration.

1. Visit a Nearby Mall

Instead of hosting or visiting any party, you can visit a nearby mall. Because going to a party can make your budget unbalanced. So, you can enjoy your Christmas in a mall. Generally, malls conduct various fun activities and people enjoy those cherished moments. You can really enjoy in a mall, where you can have your dinner and some special time with your family.

2. Send Cards to Soldiers

It is time to celebrate and when we celebrate in our homes, there is always someone at the borders protecting us. We should also make them feel special because they would be missing their home and family. By sending them cards and gifts we can make them feel special and make their day memorable. We are safe just because of them. So, it’s a good idea to send some cards and gifts to soldiers.

3. Have a Worst Dress Party

You can host a worst dress party and, in this way, you can save your money from buying new clothes and use that money for hosting a party and in this way you can have a perfect celebration with a perfect celebration idea and also the most important thing is within your budget.

4. Go for Ice-Skating

Christmas is all about chilling weather and snow everywhere. So, if you are looking for something different and also within your budget, you can plan ice-skating. Believe me; it can add a lot of fun to your day. You can have an unforgettable memory and, in this way, you can also make your celebration different.

5. Give Hand Made Gifts

With the help of some old stuff and by recycling things you can make your Christmas gifts and promote the environment. With the help of extra colour papers, some colours, plastic teacups, wool, paper pins, ice cream sticks, beads, old buttons, etc. you can make your own gifts and people feel more connected when we make something especially for them.

6. Teach Children Shopping Skills

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas within budget, you should also teach shopping skills to your child. You can give a certain amount of money and ask them to do the shopping for Christmas. This will not only boost their managing skills but will also teach them the importance of money. In this way, you can make your celebration interesting.

7. Make a Christmas Photo Stage

Now a day’s people across the world are connected with social media, where they continuously post their pictures and update their day to day activities. Taking pictures in the same background can bother you, so you can make a photo stage with the help of your scarf and some other stuff. This will not only make you look different but also add glam to your celebration without spending too much money.

8. Attend a Church

We celebrate Christmas to remember the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and the word Christmas has derived from the Mass of Christ. People believe that God came on earth in a human form to spread the message of peace and love.

We celebrate Christmas to celebrate his birthday and it has been marked as one of the holiest days in the English calendar. So, it’s a very good idea to visit a church on Christmas. Where you can offer prayers and spend some time in charity. This can bring mental peace to you.

9. Make a Snowman

It’s all snow everywhere during Christmas and having fun in the snow can be a wonderful idea and you do not even need money for this and can earn lots of memories and fun in returns. You can enjoy with your family or friends. Making a snowman is an old idea but trust me it has a lot of fun and just tries it once if you have never gone through anything like this.

Some Encouraging Activities to Enjoy at Christmas for Old Age

Every once likes to celebrate their day in a special way, we have discussed kids, adults and now it’s time for old age. Generally, people from old age like to spend some peaceful moments, so we have bought ideas and activities as per their age.

1. Play Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a game for every age group but generally people from old age like to play these kinds of games, so instead of having a grand party you can simply call some of your friends to play Bingo and enjoy your day.

2. Volunteer at Church

Praying and spending time in charity can really bring inner peace to you. So, instead of spending your time and money in a grand celebration you can use that money for charity and enjoy a kind of satisfaction which can’t be expressed in words.

You can also work as a volunteer in a church. As lots of people visit a church on Christmas and for managing things the church needs volunteers. You can work as a volunteer for a day and help others and celebrate your day.

3. Read Christmas Stories

You can read stores for your grandchildren and make your celebration memorable and interesting. Children love stories, and in this way, you can spend some time with them. A festival is all about spending time with our loved ones. Rather having parties and a grand celebration try this one and you will really love it.

4. Bake Some Traditional Food

You can cook some traditional recipes for your grandchildren and enjoy your day. There is always a recipe, with a tag of grandma’s special. So, this Christmas you can spend some quality time with your family and make your celebration decent and interesting.

5. Visit a Theatre

Theatres are never out of fashion and people from old age love to watch theatres. You can go to a theatre show and enjoy your day. It doesn’t even cost much. You can also take your friends and revive your old memories and make your celebration different.


There are many ways to make your celebration different and interesting. Either you are planning a grand party or just want to celebrate with your family. We have discussed various activities and ideas to celebrate your day. You can choose as per your age and have a bang-bang. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How to celebrate Christmas within Budget?

Ans. Focus on DIY either for decorating your home or for making cards, you can reuse old stuff to make something new, make a tasty meal at home, give people a theme and ask them to dress up in the same way, make props at home for photography, etc.

Q 2. What if you can’t afford Christmas gifts?

Ans. It is not necessary to always buy a gift, you can make cookies at home and give them as gifts, make cards at home, recycle things and make DIY, etc. When someone puts his effort into making a gift it touches more.

Q 3. How can you celebrate Christmas without spending money?

Ans. You can include various activities like watching a movie together, organize a video game championship, organize the best photography challenge, play interesting games, etc.

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