Social Media vs. Video Games: Which is More Dangerous for Eye

We have five sensual organs starting from the eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin. It is very necessary to take extra care of these organs because they allow us to perform our day to day task. We see with the help of our eyes, we taste our food with the help of our tongue; we enjoy music because of our ears, etc. Imagine if one of them stops working; the thought itself brings goosebumps because it is not easy to live without them.

Nowadays apart from mobile phones, children have other options like tablets, desktops, laptops, television, etc they easily have these gadgets and use them which affects their eyes. Do you know why a newborn baby is never given food? Yes of course they don’t have teeth but they are not even served juice and other liquid food for few months, because their body parts are very delicate and they need some time to become strong. Similarly, their eyes are also very delicate but we don’t understand the fact and give them phones to play.

Which one Affects Our Health More: Social Media OR Video Games

How Video Games Affect our Eyes?

We can’t say that it only affects your eyes; some countries are also dealing with many other misconceptions regarding games. Countries like the US, UK are also facing some cases of violence just because of video games. We can say that apart from your eyes it is also harmful to some other aspects of life.

In the 21st century children know only online games, they love playing them because it contains sound, action, thriller all at a place; whereas outdoor games are better in many ways still they prefer playing online games. Not only children even our youth and people from different age groups also play such games.

Video games need concentration, where you cannot miss a chance to die or lose the game. You can lose your game even with a single distraction and this is not good for the eyes. Continuously watching on the screen can harm anyone. It does not matter how nice glasses you wear or how protected screen you use, when we continuously glare at a certain place emitting light it can damage our eyes.

Screens emit blue light and this blue light has a very short wavelength and the shorter the wavelength is the stronger the light is. This directly enters our eyes and kills our cells in the retina. Light enters our eyes and reacts with molecules and forms ROS (reactive oxygen species) and they cause a lot of harm to our eyes and the process of killing cells is known as apoptosis.

Eye Diseases Caused by Video Games

  1. Digital Eye Strain

This is caused generally by using a mobile phone, tablets, laptops, etc. continuously for a long time. And nowadays doctors are complaining more about such cases. Not only children also the adult spends a lot of time in their phone. That is not good for their eyes as well as overall health.


  • Continuous screen viewing for long periods of time.
  • Poor lighting also damages your eye.
  • Wrong sitting posture and improper distance from the screen.

2. Computer Vision Syndrome

This is also caused just because of continuous screen viewing. In this syndrome it becomes difficult for a person to see the screen, they unable to face the light or feel difficult to read or see what is going on the screen.


  • Staring the screen without any break.
  • Improper sitting posture.
  • Wrong viewing distance.

How Video Games are Helpful in Improving Vision?

Apart from the harms of Video games, it has also been proven that games are good for your eyes, let’s know-how? Games improve eyesight and make us capable of viewing properly even in the dark or night, only if they are played in a particular way.

  • If we play them only for some time like an hour.
  • We follow the 20-20-20 rule, discussed below.
  • Have proper blue light protecting sheet on our screen.

How Social Media Affects our Eye?

Social Media are some of the favorite platforms of people nowadays, where they share their day-to-day events and also watch others. In some way, it is a new platform to show off because it is not everyone can own a BMW and when someone buys they don’t forget to post it on social media.

Apart from eye disease people are also suffering from many harmful diseases just because of social media. It is not only bad for your eyes but is also bad for your mental as well as physical health.

When we talk about social media it directly subtracts the children because even Facebook allows children more than 13 years to make a profile. Similarly different online platforms have different norms. Although children are not allowed on social media while talking about the harm it causes to our eyes is equal for everyone.

In some way, social media is less harmful to your eyes because we don’t need to scroll it with a lot of concentration. Generally, we scroll and only stop to read or see when it seems interesting for us. Sometimes we also perform other tasks while having an eye on social media.

I am not supporting social media because we already have an article on the harmful effects of social media, but just comparing for your eye health. Watching on any screen for a long time is not good for us.

Now let’s talk about some serious outcomes of social media especially in terms of your eyes.

  • It makes us Addicted: The darker side of these online platforms is it makes us addicted. And once you get addicted you automatically get stuck into it and spend most of your time there, either in scrolling or in texting others.
  • Causes Health Issues: Social media also causes depression, fatigue, headache, etc. which directly affects your eye health.

How to Play Video Games or Scroll Social Media Safely?

  • We have discussed the various impacts of social media and video games on our eyes not let’s discuss some safe methods to use these platforms safely. As we cannot stay away from these things but we can develop some good habits to keep our self safe. Entertainment is also a part of life and you can limit the use of these platforms.
  • Make a time bonding to use social media or play video games only for a certain time, this will save your time and will not even harm your eyes.
  • Use the 20-20-20 rule; as per this rule, it is proposed to take a rest of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes and try to look at something at a distance of 20 feet away from you. This is one of the best ways recommended by doctors to keep your eyes safe from any device. Watching continuously to a certain place makes your eye dry and also causes many diseases but at the same time when we watch practice this rule, we can save our eyes and can also enjoy our gadgets.
  • Use a proper UV light and blue light protecting cover on your screen; although they are not very effective for everyone, they reduce the harm up to a certain level.
  • Maintain a proper distance of 20 to 28 inches while using any device, you should not even keep them very far and even not very close.
  • Have proper light, never use your device in low light because it causes double harm and makes it difficult for your eyes to see and this damages your eyesight.
  • Don’t ever play games while traveling because it causes more damage as it continuously shakes and makes our eyes difficult to concentrate and still we focus and this damages our eyes.

A Quick Overview on the Effects of Social Media and Video Games on your Eyes

SituationSocial MediaVideo Game
Diseases CausedHeadache, lack of focus, hypermetropia, Computer Vision Syndrome, Digital Eye Strain, depression,  fatigue, etc.Digital Eye Strain, Computer Vision Syndrome, headache, lack of focus, headache, blurred vision, etc.
Age Group EffectedMainly youngsters and elders who have the right to use these platforms.Children are mostly affected.
It is always BadIt is ok if used for a certain time.It is quite good for eyes if used for less time.
Positive sideUpdates us and entertains us.Improves night vision, develops concentrating skills, develops problem analyzing ability, etc.
Can anyone use themApart from children and some health factors like depression, poor eyesight, etc. people should avoid.Yes, apart from people having poor eyesight should avoid or use it very often.


All these are different platforms of entertainment and when we do anything in excess it automatically harms us. So, use both of them but in a limited way, we cannot eat a lot of mango in a day although it is our favorite, similarly, we should not either play a lot of video games or scroll all the time on social media platforms. Hope you liked the article and stay tuned to our website healthhelical for more interesting articles.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Should I wear a glass while playing video games?

Ans. Wearing a good quality glass will keep your eyes safe, so it is a good choice.

Q 2. How can I protect my eyes while playing video games?

Ans. Don’t play continuously, use good protecting glasses, follow the 20-20-20 rule, avoid more or dim light, etc.

Q 3. How does using your phone affect your eyes?

Ans. The emission of different color lights is harmful to your eyes, especially the blue rays, they cause dryness which is harmful to your eyesight and causes hypermetropia.

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