How to Grow Long and Thick Hair Naturally at Home?

All of us like long and lustrous hairs and our eyes automatically stuck on a person with long hairs. You can’t change your looks but you can change your hair by taking extra care and nourishing it. There are many effective ways to nourish your hair naturally and you should definitely try them. Homemade things are easy to make and are more effective than harmful chemicals and they don’t even have any side effects. I have discussed some of the best home remedies below and hope you will like it and it will be helpful for you.

8 Best Natural Ways/Home Remedies to Grow Your Hair Long and Thick

Let’s talk about the step by step process, starting from cleaning, applying a mask, oiling, coloring, etc.

A. Natural Shampoo at Home

Chemicals shampoos are very harmful they contain Paraben and Sulfate which are very harmful to us and our health. These shampoos give us instant smoothness but at the same time, they make our roots weak. So, if you really want thick and healthy hair you should start using natural cleansers. I have bought some of the best home remedies to make your shampoo.

  1. Fenugreek Amla Shampoo


2 spoons Fenugreek seeds (methi), ½ cup dried amla, ½ cup dried shikakai and 8 soap nuts (reetha), water.

How to Make and Apply:

  1. Add all the above ingredients in water and leave it for a night.
  2. Next day boil the mixture for 3 -5 minutes and off the flame.
  3. Once it gets cool, filter it and use it as a shampoo.
  4. You can also store it but it will be better if you use a fresh one.


  • We have added Fenugreek seeds (methi) because it contains protein, vitamin C, Nicotinic acid, lecithin, hair follicles, etc. which are very helpful for hair growth and strengthening your hair.
  • Whereas amla has the richness of many nutrients and helps to maintain the pH of your scalp and cleans your scalp, it improves the texture of your hair and promotes hair health.
  • Shikakay contains Vitamin D and C and is good for our hair and is also a very good cleaner and makes your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Reetha is a natural shampoo that cleans your hair and is good for your hair.
  • This shampoo reduces hair fall, makes your hair soft, shiny, gives nourishment, etc.

2. Gram Flour Cleanser


Take 4 spoon yogurt (dahi), 2 spoons of gram flour.

How to Make and Apply:

  1. Take a bowl and add all the above ingredients and mix it well and make a mixture like a shampoo.
  2. It will be better to use sour yogurt for the best results.
  3. Apply this mixture like a shampoo, and massage for some time, although there will be no foam, it will clean your hair.


  • Gram flour contains cleansing property and it cleans your scalp.
  • Yogurt works as a natural conditioner and nourishes your hair. It makes your hair smooth and silky.
  • When we use sour yogurt again it works like a cleanser.
  • This shampoo reduces your hair fall and promotes new hair growth.

3. Multani Mitti Shampoo


Take multani mitti as per your hair length, ½ lemons, water.

How to Make and Apply:

  1. Take a bowl and add multani mitti as needed, squeeze the lemon, and make a mixture with the help of water.
  2. Now apply this mixture on your scalp and wash your hair after 10 minutes simply by water.


  • It contains oil-absorbing property that cleans your scalp naturally.
  • Lemon contains vitamin C and works as a panacea on your dandruff.

B. Natural Oil at Home

Although you cannot make the oil, you can make it healthy for your hair growth by adding various ingredients to it. The very first thing you should do is choose mineral-free oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, etc. I have mentioned some of the best oils below and hope it will help you.

4. All in one Oil


Take a big cup of coconut oil, mustard seeds 1 spoon, fenugreek seeds (meethi ) 2 spoons, 5 cloves, amla 2 spoons, 1 onion grated, curry leaves 10, hibiscus leaves 5, hibiscus flower dried 5, tulsi leaves, brahmi leaves, henna leaves.

How to Make and Apply:

  1. Take a pan and add coconut oil and switch on the flame and add all the ingredients one by one. Stir well and turn off the flame once the ingredient turns brown.
  2. Apply this oil twice a week and see the amazing change in your hair growth.


  • It is amazing oil with the richness of all-natural ingredients.
  • This oil contains all kind of vitamin and mineral which is amazing for your hair.

5. Nigella and Rosemary Oil


Coconut oil, nigella seeds (kalaungi) 2 spoons, castor oil 4 spoons, and rosemary oil 10 drops.

How to Make and Apply:

  1. Take a glass bowl and add all the above ingredients and mix in the jar.
  2. Keep it for a week in sunlight and then start using this mixture twice a week just an hour before hair wash.


  • Castor oil is known for its amazing benefits for hair.
  • It treats alopecia and prevents hair loss.
  • Rose merry is also found very helpful for smoothing your hair.

C. Natural Hair Mask at Home

Apart from natural shampoo and oil, you should also apply a hair mask for long and healthy hair. The way we need good food to nourish our body similarly we also need a hair mask infrequent intervals for hair health. This stops our hair fall and makes your hair thick and adds volume to it.

6. Aloevera and Fenugreek Mask


Aloevera gel of 1 aloevera, ½ cup of methi seeds soaked, ½ cup multani mitti, curry leaves 10, curd 1 cup, neem oil, castor oil.

How to Make and Use:

  1. Add all the above ingredients to a grinder and make a fine mixture of it and make a thick pack.
  2. Use this mask on your dry scalp and keep it for 1 hour and wash it simply by water or by the natural shampoo prescribed.


  • Stops pre maturing graying of hair.
  • It is good for reducing your hair fall and also cleans your scalp.
  • It adds shine to your hair and makes it strong.
  • Neem oil is beneficial to stop any kind of bacterial growth.
  • Promotes fast hair growth and strengthens your hair.

7. Onion Hair Mask


Coconut oil or mustard oil 1 cup, aloevera gel 3 spoons, 1 onion grated and take out its juice.

How to Make and Use:

  1. Add the above ingredients to a cup and mix it well until it turns into a thick mixture.
  2. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.


  • Onion juice is very effective on your hair and promotes hair growth.
  • It contains a good amount of sulfur which is very good for your hair.
  • The presence of anti-oxidants is also helpful in keeping your hair healthy that automatically makes it thick.

D. Natural Hair Conditioner at Home

After applying oil, hair mask, and shampoo we also need to condition our hair. Although you will not need it if you use the above mask, oil and shampoo because natural ingredients never remove the natural shine and oil from your hair and they make your hair always look nourished. But sometimes we want to know natural conditioner and you can use these products.

8. Honey Conditioner


Badam Rogan, honey, castor oil.

How to Use and Apply:

  1. Add a spoon of castor oil, badam rogan 1 spoon, honey one spoon, and mix it well.
  2. Use the mixtures before hair wash and see the amazing results.


  • This conditioner makes your hair shiny and silky and avoids tangles.
  • It reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.


Apart from natural products, one should also concentrate on a good diet, proper health care, and peace of mind. A stress-free mind will only promote good hair health so apart from the above remedies also focus on your physical and mental health. The human body is connected and when you take a proper diet you get proper sleep and good sleep nourishes your hair and skin health.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I speed up my hair growth?

Ans. Apart from good hair care steps, one should also take care of physical as well as mental health. Add some protein-rich food to your diet and also, avoid any kind of stress and prefer natural products.

Q.2 How long does hair can grow in a week?

Ans. It can grow from 1 to 5 cm in a week, depending on your hair’s health and power of growth.

Q.3 Does rice water grow hair faster?

Ans. Rice water is helpful in making your hair shiny and healthy and when you have healthy hair it will automatically grow. The presence of different nutrients in it helps to maintain scalp health and is helpful in growing your hair faster.

Q.4 Daily hair wash is good or bad?

Ans. It is not good in many ways, as we use shampoo many times and this dries out the natural oil from our scalp, makes our hair look dry and lifeless, makes the roots weak, causes dandruff that leads to hair fall, etc.

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