How to Overcome/Defeat/Deal with Discouragement in Life or at Work

How to Deal with Discouragement in Life
How to Deal with Discouragement in Life

Discouragement is a word that means a stage of life when you do not have any more courage to deal with your problems. But is it really true? What happens when a snake comes to bite you? Will you keep quiet and say let it bite me because I do not have the courage to deal with it or you will run with a bullet speed from there. Actually, you had many options, like you can throw a stone to it, if you have a stick you can keep the snake aside from you and if both of them do not goes well the last one is to run away.

The meaning of discouragement for me is something when you are lifeless or helpless and cannot do anything. It only happens when you don’t have other options and for me, it is ultimately equal death. You cannot control your birth or death but you can control the between world, the way you live, grow, think, life is up to us. It is possible that we can face some problems in our life but there is always a solution left behind, which we won’t able to see just because of lack of consciousness, we feel sad, moan, feel melancholy, all these activities do not allow us to think something better.

A child can feel discouraged at school so, what should he do? He should start crying all day and stop going to school. Of course, the answer will be no, so why you get sad about small things in life. All of us face ups and downs in our lives and we should learn to deal with them and how to solve them. A confused, sad, and angry mind can never think and will never figure out a perfect solution. So, whatever the situation might be don’t be sad. Be positive and you will figure out a new way to deal with it. I have bought some wonderful and best ways to deal with discouragement in life.

9 Best and Unique Ways to Deal with the Discouragement in Life

I can complete the article simply by suggesting some methods which has been already mentioned on different websites and quite get the article in ranking but it is not my way. I want my readers to get out of their problems because it hurts and pains a lot when we suffer. I am one of those who have Googled and searched the entire internet to deal with my problems and finally, I got nothing. So, I don’t want my readers to end up with this, I pondered a lot and dug out some best methods to deal with the discouragement in life which I have listed below.

  • Analyse Your Problem

There can be multiple reasons for feeling depressed and people at different stages face different problems. So, whatever your problem is and whatever age to belong to, just ask a few questions with you. Why did a certain incident happen? Suppose you lost your job, so think and concentrate on each and every single detail, because sometimes we don’t even know and just, we find the game is over. So, concentrate and think you will start getting clues.

It is possible that you misbehaved with your boss’s favourite employee. It is also possible that your competitors would have done something. Believe me; you will start getting clues when you will work on the details. If none of the above works then it can be your performance. Don’t panic because all of us think we are the best but we fail and the feeling of ego destroys everything. Analyse yourself and compare and then have a true conclusion.

Once you find your answer start working on it. Some students might be suffering for success, so just stop for a moment and think where you are lacking behind and instead of becoming sad work with double power. Believe me, it works and your success will wipe off your sorrows and worries.

  • Don’t be Confused

Sometimes it happens that we get confused between the heart and the brain and which automatically ruins our mood. Throughout your life, you have to make many decisions and sometimes we may succeed whereas sometimes our decisions can go wrong. So, instead of pondering on wrong things and wasting your energy just stand again and try again.

If you are confused and not able to decide what to do, go to someone who has better experience in that field. Suppose if it is your relationship troubling you and you are not able to decide what to do next, go to your mother or elder siblings. You can also take advice from your friends who are already in a relationship. This will definitely help you to understand the chronology of a relationship and with the help of their experience; they will guide you in the right way. Similarly, there can be many things in your life where you can find yourself confused so to reach the concerned person.

  • Read Some Motivational Books

Don’t skip this advice; because I am not going to list different books here, I simply suggest people read Bhagwat Gita. I know it is quite typical to read something when you are totally down in life. Believe me, this book is magical and has a solution to every problem. Nowadays its audio version is also available. If both of the means are not possible for you, you can simply visit YouTube and find it in various parts. It has been designed to deal with human problems. It was lord Krishna who took birth as a human and gave this golden knowledge to Arjun and as a result, he won the battle of Mahabharata. It describes various situations of life with a suitable solution.

  • Watch your Favourite Movies

There are many movies that can just make your day and leave you motivated with lots of positive thoughts. I am listing some of the must-watch movies, A Beautiful Mind, Pursuit of Happiness, Glory Road, The Blind Side, Moneyball, etc. But I don’t think you need more, just one is enough to enhance your inner power and motivate you.

Actually, these stories have been specially filmed to leave a message in society, how your situations cannot affect you. A living creature can only feel both pleasures as well as pain. So, don’t feel discouraged, start a new story because it’s never too late.

  • Always Take Examples of Someone Lower than You

It is not all of us born with a silver spoon, the only thing we can do is ‘hard work’. Still sometimes we feel discouraged, so simply watch people who have less than you. Suppose you own a car simply watch those who have a scooter. This will show how blessed you are. Actually, whenever we see upwards, we can feel either depressed or motivated.

So, don’t be depressed or discouraged because if someone is earning more than you it simply means he is working hard or he has some secrets. So, rather being sad take it as a challenge, and work hard. Always compare with the lower one and challenge the upper one. This way of thinking will definitely change your life and will never leave you discouraged.

  • Polish Your Skills

It is very necessary to polish your skills because whatever fields you choose in your life you should be skilled. The world is full of competition and to succeed you need to work on details. If you are one of those who always change their job within a few months, then it is a call bell that something is wrong.

There is always a different level of pressure on people at their workplace because those who are not very skilled always be fearful. So, it will be quite good to quit your job or search for a company where you can learn. And rather focusing on money focuses on your skills and polish them, then see the difference. Companies will beg you not to leave. Don’t ever get demoralized when something goes wrong because there is always a reason behind it, don’t stop learning and this will always help you.

  • Have Faith

It is for those who are skilled, well-educated and are good in all terms, still, they won’t get the desired success in their life. Sometimes we ask why a certain thing happened to me? Although you are good, you help others, still, you suffer sometimes.

It is all your fate, I understand that it’s your worst time, still believe me have faith, in God, in your work, and have patience. Some of us lose our patience and take some unwanted steps; we shower our anger on our close ones, etc. Everything seems to be messed up in life. Whenever you feel helpless and alone in life have faith in the superpowers, because there is a word called ‘Karma’ that will always come back to you. Just keep on doing good things and never lose your hope.

Colonel Harland the founder of KFC got his fame after 70 years, Jack Ma was rejected from more than 20 interviews and it took 35 to succeed, similarly, there are many inspirations around you that teach us to have patience and faith in the positive powers present in the universe.

  • Visit Some Motivational Speakers

You are not alone in this world who is sad or feeling discouraged in life, trust me even the millionaires cannot sleep sometimes just because of their problems. It does not matter how much bank balance you have, if something matters that is ‘peace’. Successful are those who can have balance in their life and it only comes with inner peace. You can only focus and perform well when you have that inner peace within you.

There are many motivational speakers all around, you can personally visit them or can also have their sessions online. Actually, they relate your problems and give you a justifying answer which automatically makes you feel positive. Either you are discouraged or not you should definitely listen to these speakers. The way a multivitamin works on your body, these speakers work on your soul and a beautiful soul is always admired, there are many billionaires but we remember only those who also have a million dollars heart.

  • Believe in You Are Unique and Different

Never compare yourself with anyone and feel discouraged because God has a different script for all of us. We are more than a million-crore people family on this earth and all have a different story. All of us love Angelina Jolie and most of us want to look like her, have you ever thought if there would be many who would look like her, she would not be so famous. Therefore, she is famous because she is unique in her looks, her work, etc. So, rather thinking to become like someone, always hope to do something different. All of us have some unique abilities just try to find it out. Keep trying, you will fail for the 100th time still try and trust me there will be a day which will wipe off all of your pain.


The day you were welcomed on the earth, you cried but people were happy when you cried because it was necessary to keep you alive and doctors wanted you to cry and show your action. Similarly, when you are discouraged in your life, there is always something positive behind it. So, instead of being melancholy and discouraged, accept the challenge, and jump higher and this will shut the mouth of the opponents. It is never too late to start something new.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q.1 Is it ok if I failed?

Ans. Yes, failure indicates that you have tried so; it is ok if you fail but do always learn from your failure.

Q.2 Is fear of failure normal?

Ans. Yes, and it is known as atychiphobia.

Q.3 Can failure strengthen a person?

Ans. Yes, fear and failure make people strong enough to deal with their problems. There is no one in this world who has not faced any kind of failure. But, people, who always learn from their failures, progress in their lives.

Q.4 How does one recover from discouragement?

Ans. Work on your drawback and never lose hope this will help you everywhere in life.

Q.5 What shall I do when I am totally disappointed/discouraged in life?

Ans. Don’t lose HOPE because it means ‘Health Opportunities for People Everywhere’. There is always a way to try and find out.

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