How to Become Fearless and Bold Everywhere in Difficult Times

How to Become Fearless and Bold
How to Become Fearless and Bold

All of us in our lives face different problems, we feel that being a child is best but do you know, children also struggle, they struggle to express their feelings, they struggle when they learn waling, they struggle while learning new things, etc. Similarly, all of us deal with certain issues. Some of us struggle with their work, whereas some with their relationship.

Fear is a Magnet – don’t Stick to it

Struggling does not mean we cannot overcome or become fearless about our difficulties. Our struggles make us strong and capable of dealing with certain other problems in our lives. All of us face problems but there are very few that show and talk about their worries.

Nowadays it is better not to share your feelings with everyone, have some close people who care, and understand you. Nowadays people make fun of other’s feelings and problems and this worries us more than our problems. So, it’s better to learn how to control your feelings and behave boldly in your difficult times.

Easy Ways to Overcome Fear in Life/How to Deal with Fear in Life

  1. Be Positive

In research, it has been proven that, when we start thinking positively, it automatically attracts positive powers around us. So, one should never think and be fearful of whatever the situation is.

As per a famous motivational speaker and writer, Mr. Norman Vincent wrote three major concepts to think positively in his book The Power of Positive Thinking. He described that a person should –

  • Believe in Yourself: Always believe in yourself because it is you who can deal with your problems fearlessly. Think about your problems and imagine their effects and once we are aware and know its ultimate effects it ultimately makes us fearless. So, believe in yourself because you can cure all your problems.
  • Be Confident: If you are confident no one can harm you. Because it is not always power that makes us strong. Suppose a thieve stole your purse and you had something very important in it, so will you wait for the police or will choose to run behind. Although you are not an athlete, you will try your best and can also catch the thief. It was your confidence that made things possible for you.
  • Your Attitude: Whatever the situation is never let it leave any effect on you. Suppose your boss had a meeting with you and you were scolded for something. Now it is up to you either you take it in a negative way and start abusing your boss all the time or you can take it positively and start working on the details he figured out. So, it is your attitude that plays an important role in your life.

2. Analyze your Problem

Sometimes our mind exaggerates our problems and we start feeling insecure and fearful. Always analyze your problem and think about all the possibilities. Relax and consider all the facts and things that can happen.

Let’s suppose a situation, as you failed in one of your competitive exams. Now either you can stop preparing for exams or sit back and analyze your problem.

Think about all the possibilities that can happen. Suppose what you will answer to your parents? Are you not enough to get another job? Can you prepare again for it? Or there is no option you want to commit suicide. I don’t think there can be any other situation apart from this. Now you know, you can have another attempt or you can go for another job and suicide is the ultimate solution, what most people think.

But when you have these many options then why you should think of killing yourself, because it is also a crime. So, when you analyzed your problem it automatically removes your fear and develops a new hope within you.

3. Change Your mindset

We have a certain mindset for many things and we generally think accordingly. Sometimes it is our mindset, which never allows us to think something beyond. So, don’t always be negative. For example, Black is considered as an unsuspicious colour in Hinduism, whereas it is not considered bad for Muslims. So, now it is up to you what you choose. Don’t develop a social mindset, think, and have your own views and you will feel relaxed. This will help you to deal with your problems and will make you bold.

4. Don’t Run from your Problems

All of us face different problems in our lives and show certain actions as a result. But sometimes we behave in an uncontrolled way and people can easily notice us. So, whatever the situation is, do not let others know about it, because it is not everyone who will really understand you. Instead of solving it people start making fun of you, so only share it with your near and dear ones. Face your problems royally and never let it leave any mark on you. This will not even make you fearless but people also admire such people who face their problems with a smile on their faces.

5. Work on Your Emotions

Our emotions play a very important part of our life and it is very necessary for us to learn how to control it. One should definitely work on it and one of the best ways is by practicing yoga. Yoga is not only about body exercise; it also deals with your thoughts and some practice of controlling inner thoughts. Emotions scatter us and make us weak, so it is very necessary to work on it. Our inner thoughts and emotions build our inner strength so always be strong.

6. Fight with Your Inner Thoughts

When you feel low, you find yourself lonely and feel scattered and fearful, but have you ever thought about the changes around you. Suppose you failed in your exam and you are sad about it, so did you stopped breathing? or the atmosphere around you got cruel to you. Actually, it is your inner thoughts that make the difference. If you will start feeling low and notice all the negative things, it will automatically affect you. So rather showing some physical actions, work on, and achieve success next time.

7. God has an Amazing plan for You

All of us play different roles in our lives and our story is different from others. When we feel fearful and go through our tough times, some of us cry and start thinking about the wrong things. All this makes us sad and worried, and think what is going to happen next? But believe me, God has a different plan for all of us and none of us can see our future, so we cry and perform various actions.

All of us go through tough times, so don’t panic because situations are not permanent. They change and we feel the joy of good days when we pass through tough times. Don’t take this world so seriously because things will always change. So, get up smile, and accept your problems as a part of your life.


You are born and will also die someday, as you were not even born with anything and will not even take anything. All the emotions, relations, assets, money are earthly things, so stop worrying about anything and focus on your deeds. When we are sad, we can also address people in the wrong way, so never speak wrong to anyone and focus on your deeds. Life is beautiful and you will not be born again, so help others do some charity and speak good words to everyone.

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