11 Best Ways to be Practical in a Relationship

How to be Practical in a Relationship
How to be Practical in a Relationship

Being practical is a long-term commitment to any relationship. It is your heart that ruins your emotions and whereas it is your brain that ruins your thoughts. The brain takes a logical decision, which has long term effects in your life as well on the relationship. Generally, girls are considered as emotional one and boys think practically.

Sometimes people point out practical people as a negative one. But are they really? Actually, there is a big no for this question. A practical person simply analyses the need and requirement of the situation or relation and act wisely and this helps them to maintain balance in their life.

How You can be Practical in Relationships – Tips to Follow

1. Family Relationship

There is a mother, father, children in an ideal family and as a member of your family, you have certain responsibilities. One should fulfill their responsibilities with certain rules and discipline in their life.

Family Relationship
  • Make a Time table: It is true that you love your family and want to do all for them but there should be certain rules to be followed by all members. Generally, children do not like to eat until they are very hungry. So, you should make a rule of having lunch or dinner every day at a certain time. This way they will have their food on time and be healthy.
  • Shop when Needed: Some times we buy unnecessary things and think it will not affect your wallet too much, but if not needed don’t buy such stuff. There is only one penny required to make a 999 to 1000. Not a big amount, still savings are the best and one should spend wisely and shop only when you really need a particular thing.
  • Take Opinion: Either you are going to buy a table, you should ask and take other family members’ opinions. Because it is possible, they might suggest something and you can also know their need and in this way, you can have a good one.

Think about a situation that you searched a wonderful design of a table online and bought it, but it is of no use for others. So, did you worth buying it and if you would have discussed further this could be far more admired and could be helpful. Think logically before taking any decision or you can simply ask family members to help you out. Either it is any problem or anything else. In this, they will also feel good to suggest you and will start more respecting you.

  • Don’t Force: You know a certain act or habit is not good for your child still, never force them to stop because in this way they will never. Instead of forcing them, you can teach them a lesson. People believe in practical things either he is a child or a college guy.

For example, you know a utensil can be hot once taken out from a microwave, and if your child always wants to touch it and cries for it. Show them some of its disastrous effects. This way from next time they will not dare to touch it again.

  • Trust your Family: There can be no one closer than your family in your life and they also think the best for you. So, never suspect your family on behalf of others’ opinions. Your family needs your support and you need your families to support a happy and peaceful life. Don’t have a blind belief on anyone, just use your brain, and analyze the profit some can make of you and then act.

2. Student-Teacher Relationship

A teacher is a person who shapes the life of a student. We always remember our teachers because we get attached to them, they always motivate us and work as a key to our success. I have bought some tips through which you can make this relationship more stable and good.

Student-Teacher Relationship
  • Respect the Key Factor: Sometimes the teacher gets too friendly and this makes them suffer because the teacher should also be strict at the same time. A student should feel free any of his query but they should also respect them at the same time.

For example, a dessert is only enjoyed after spicy food similarly, the teacher should be strict at some points and should also carry a soft heart. Whatever the relation is, respect is the key factor and one should really maintain it.

  • Let Students Think of their own: In today’s generation, knowledge should not be limited up to books, teachers should make some extra effort if they really want their students to shine. Give them a task and let them think and do their own. Gaining knowledge only from books is not sufficient in today’s generation.

If a teacher gives a live example of Newton’s law, students can easily understand as well as will also stay in their minds for a long time. Our brain relates things and reminds them for a long time. This can be helpful in many ways. The more a child will think the more innovative he can be. So, let them think and give them examples from day to day life and this will encourage them to raise questions and learn a topic more sincerely.

  • Help only When Required: A good teacher is not someone who tells you everything. In fact, we are here discussing the possibilities to be practical in a student and teacher relationship. So, teach you a student, and if he falls let him and don’t run to help him quickly. Let them get up and control themselves and deal with their problems. If they get badly stuck then only be available for them.

This is quite very necessary to learn, the more a student will fall the more he will learn. The student deep in his mind knows he has a hand to help and then only a mind gets ready to take a risk. Always make ensure that you know everything your student is going to do.

3. Friendship (Relationship with Friends)

The way you need food to live, you also need friends to live a healthy life. Friends are those crazy people who can do anything for you. We make different friends at different stages of life. Some may come and go but some of them remain forever. This relationship is quite special and unique.

But the point is how to think practically in friendship because it is not every friend who grows up as the best one. Some can ditch you whereas some can feel jealous of you. So, the only thing one should learn is to deal with a relationship practically.

Relationship with Friends
  • Observe: It is not necessary that everyone you meet becomes your friend. So, first of all, stay with them for some time and observe them then trust them. When you will have an eye on the or in simple words observe them, you can easily notice the changes as well as their behavior very keenly. After a close observation, you can come to a point either they can be your friend or not.
  • Sometimes a good friend of you can also change, so the only thing you have to do is observe. Because no one changes overnight, they show certain changes in behavior or language.
  • Choose carefully: Always be with a person having a bit of knowledge more than you, because it is always recommended to have an intelligent friend than a fool one. A friend with a brain can help you from any situation. It is a fact that where our taste matches, we become friends but choose your friends wisely. A good friend will always motivate you and will also help you to do perform well. Whereas a bad one can take to in the wrong direction.
  • But at the same time, you should first deal with your problems then should seek others to help you. Do not be too dependent on others.
  • Be Honest: Honesty is the best ornament of a friend and the way you expect this from others you should also perform the same. Honesty is the way you can judge your friend and his dedication to your relationship because if he is also interested in being with you will never ditch you. Be clear and straight forward about your thoughts, those who will like will remain with you and those who won’t will leave you.


There are different methods to make a relationship more beautiful and genuine which is termed as practical. Thinking practically can hurt many but it is quite a safe and better way to deal with others. Sometimes you can also be fooled if you think emotionally every time. Thinking practically does not mean to lose emotions but a practical person analyses both the merits and demerits of a step they wish to take. They believe in logic and don’t follow the crowd. A relationship can really be more beautiful and interesting if you think practically. Always follow your heart but just don’t forget to carry your brain.

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