How to Always Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated

How to Always Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated
How to Always Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated

Seasons come and go but we remain the same, similar situations will come and go but you have to remain the same. The only change you can feel is of inner feelings. The way we need food we also need to stay focused on our thoughts, our thoughts are food for our brain, and when it’s calm everywhere our mind functions properly. Today I will discuss some effective ways to keep you happy and motivated. Yes, it’s not so easy but not even tough.

Just ask a question with yourself, have you ever done anything wrong with yourself? The answer will be No, but I think it’s a Yes because you think, you be sad and also cry sometimes just because of others and make yourself suffer. This can seriously affect your health and also life. I have also discussed some major drawbacks of being unhappy and demotivated below.

10 Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated

There are various methods for opting for this tendency and I have discussed some of the best and most effective ones for you, hope they will help you and change your way of thinking. All of them are based on my personal experience so I can easily relate them.

  • Avoid Bad Habits

Smoking, drinking alcohol is considered as some of the most common symptoms of bad habits, they are not even good for health. Generally, you cannot drink or smoke in public places and those things which cannot be done publicly is called as bad habits.

Actually, you have to hide such things and this can cause tension to you. So, it is recommended to stay away from these things. They damage your lungs, kidney, etc. and an unhealthy body is never a happy one. If you are unhealthy you can start feeling depressed and it will ultimately throw into the well of depression.

  • Make Challenges

It is a fact that when you accept challenges it adds a positive effect in your mind and fills a lot of enthusiasm and keeps you motivated.

Accepting challenges and completing them adds a different level of confidence in you and will always keep you motivated. So, always know your abilities and never hesitate of accepting challenges.

I remember an incident as there was a girl from my batch who uses to visit various companies for interviews. Although she was qualifying in many of them, she never joined any of them, and when I asked the reason behind, do you know what she explained?

She told me an amazing fact of life, as she explained ‘generally when we give an interview we know either we will be selected or rejected. And when we don’t care about the result it is always positive. As she was not interested in doing the job she was doing this to build up her confidence and this was the reason she performed without any pressure and she was selected every time.

It means when you do any work without thinking about its results, you will be more confident and motivated. When you bear pressure and start doing something, it automatically disappoints you.

So, never leave any opportunity either it is of no use, but try it for once. This can really develop an amazing level of confidence.

  • Surround yourself with Positive People

Our background affects us the most, normally children learn what they see similarly when we surround our self with positive people it automatically reflects in our life.

There might be a question in your mind as how to choose a neighbour, as it’s not your choice to choose a person with positive thoughts, in such case you yourself should opt for good thoughts and behaviour because no one throws stone on a good dog apart from some naughty children.

Anyone will not cause trouble unless you trouble them. If someone throws garbage in front of your house, there can be two possibilities one, it could be their house cleaner or there can be something fishy. So, first of all, talk to the person about your problem and if still, it continues you can take further action.

Surrounding yourself with positive people means, you can also stay connected with social media, phone, etc. This will provide you inner peace and good mental health. Good mental health will always keep you happy and motivated. Mental health is very important so don’t ignore it.

  • Your Health Your Priority

Some of us are so much dedicated to others that we forget ourselves. So, don’t be that person because no one can suffer instead of you. If you have a fever you have to cope up with it. So, your health should be your priority, it is a healthy person who can accept any challenge or do any work.

Always make sure that you are in good health and then only you can make others happy. When your family is happy, you automatically become happy.

  • Steal some Time for Yourself

There should be always time in your life, so steal some time for yourself to groom yourself, to do something for you. It is very necessary, when you talk to yourself it develops a sense of affinity for you and you can clearly analyze your thoughts and views.

This also gives you a chance to learn and develop. As it is a fact that all of us love doing what we like, i.e our hobbies. When we steal some time for our hobbies, it automatically changes our mood and in research, it has been found that such types of people were more active and happy who spare some time for their hobbies.

  • Make Sun your Friend

In general life dark is denoted as something bad and light is denoted for something good, and if you go deeper in this thought it is quite true.

As we feel sad and depressed on a cloudy day as compared to a sunny day, so don’t forget to have some time for the sun. Spending time with the sun will not only increase the level of Vitamin D, but it also keeps you happy and motivated. People feel more disappointed and down during winters and autumn season.

  • Love Every Human

All of us are on this planet for some years and people may come and go but their name lives forever. Even Shakespeare made his girlfriend mortal. Your name and deeds remain forever, so always do good things.

It is not a person behaves in an improper way with you; actually, it’s your bad situation which makes him bad in front of you. Suppose if someone is wrong, he/she should be wrong with everyone and should not have any friends or relative but they are best for some people. This indicates that it’s your behavior that makes a person good or bad for you. Yes, there are some special conditions in every situation.

You have to love everyone either they are good with you or bad. Do you know how good it is? It makes you safe from thinking anything ill about anyone and keeps your thoughts clean, so love everyone it does not cost and helps you to develop a giving tendency and those who give are the happiest people. Because we give when we have it and either it is happiness, love, or anything.

  • Don’t Ever Compare

Comparison kills your inner peace and can demoralize you, so never develop this habit. Let me explain you in a better way.

For example, take 3 bowls and add water in all of them but add lightly warm water in the last one, add normal water in the middle one, and chilled water in the first one. Now ask a person to insert his hand in the hot water than in the normal one. Ask him which one is the cooler, he will definitely tell the second one, similarly, when you repeat the same activity with the normal and chilled water bowl the answer will change.

The moral of the story is people change and their priorities do change when the situation changes, so never compare.

When God made humans, he made some of us beautiful, some of us kind, some of us brilliant, etc. Similarly, you are one of those and know your ability and you are unique in your own way.

It is a fact that some of us are born rich but it is no possibility that they even die rich. A famous quote of Bill Gates:

“If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”

All of us get opportunities just use it and if you compare with someone develop an achieving attuited rather being jealous. Jealousy can destroy your happiness and will always demotivate you. So, adopt a positive attitude.

  • Always Have a Beautiful Smile

A smile attracts everyone and it is one of the easiest ways to convince anyone. Whatever situation you might be facing never stop smiling because it releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin-like hormones which releases stress and keeps you happy.

Sometimes your stress can destroy your inner peace and adopting this method will really help you. Stress causes many harmful diseases like thyroid, diabetes, etc. These are chronic and will never leave you.

So, keep your worries aside and smile every day, this will also develop positive vibes around you and a calm mind can only search a solution.

  • Have Proper Meals

A healthy diet is very necessary for all of us. Good health is defined as a state of the body when it is physically, mentally, and socially strong and happy. Suppose if you have any tension then you will not be considered healthy. So, a proper diet is very necessary to keep you happy and motivated.

Apart from what you love to eat food like eggs, nuts, low-fat food, yogurt, etc. triggers your happy hormones and maintains your inner energy level. So, either you are sad or tensed don’t skip your meals as they can change your mood.

11 Quick Ways to be Happy within a Few Minutes

Sometimes we are so disturbed that we need instant relief, so you can follow these steps.

  1. Play loud music and also sing aloud, it is advised to play a motivating song from your playlist. There are many songs which teach a lot.
  2. Take a long breathe and count up to 10 and then analyze your situation.
  3. Compare yourself with the lower people like your made, beggar, some successful friends, etc. this will automatically change your mood.
  4. Visit a hospital where you will see some serious situations and this will make you feel thankful and you will feel better. It will also fill you with a feeling of gratitude.
  5. Smile, because when we smile our muscles stretch and it automatically sends a positive message to our brain.
  6. Play with your pet it will change your mood.
  7. Quickly call your friend and have a chat with them this will change your mood and make you feel happy. If you are a male call a female friend and vice versa. 
  8. Talk with your mother because it works as a mood booster.
  9. Watch some inspirational videos regarding your goal this will encourage you.
  10. Try to do some exercise this will change your mood and you will feel good.
  11. Open your photo album and watch old pictures this will make you happy.
  12. If possible visit a graveyard, I know it sounds weird but trust me, you will forget all of your worries, pain when you will see the ultimate truth of life. You will find some change in you. It will not only change your mood but will also encourage you to do something before you reach that place.
  13. Say the phrase ‘I don’t care’ loudly 50 times, it will change your mood and you will feel good.

Benefits/Advantages of being Happy and Motivated

  • It will gift you good health.
  • A happy mind can think well and make good decisions.
  • When you will be motivated then only you can develop in life either it is physically, mentally, or economically.
  • Inner motivation is very necessary for all of us because the world is full of competition and our inner motivation can only force us to do something good otherwise, we will be depressed.
  • Improves your behaviour among your friends, colleagues, family, etc.
  • People will love your company because all of us love those who are positive and motivated in their own life.
  • The most important thing, it will make you successful and success speaks louder than words.
  • A happy and calm mind can only make good decisions.
  • It is not so easy to be always positive, motivated, and happy in life, but not even impossible. When you cannot change a mishap so instead of being sad and disappointed one must be happy and motivated because it is a harsh truth of life, that you have to live whatever the situation is. Life is useless if you waste your precious time in becoming sad and demotivated. It’s a choice and it’s up to you, so why not choose something beneficial. I have mentioned some drawbacks of being unhappy and demotivated.

Some Drawbacks of being Unhappy and Demotivated

There are many drawbacks of being unhappy and demotivated like;

  • It develops many diseases in you and can also lead to brain tumor and paralysis.
  • A personally disabled person is not loved by any of one, because people start feeling the burden.
  • It can affect your performance in your office.
  • It hinders your development and learning abilities.
  • It can develop various types of depression which can lead to suicidal thoughts.
  • Normally people love the company of positive people and you will automatically start feeling lonely because the world very mean and they only visit those who are successful.
  • You will lose your money, name, sometimes friends, close ones, etc. just because of your negative behaviour. So, stay away from such thoughts, it is not evetime a person may succeed but there is nothing like the last time, till your last breath. So, don’t lose hope because God has a better plan for all of us, the only thing is when we find it. A famous line by Guru Gopal Das –

“Life is a journey between B and D, i.e Birth and Death, and the only word that lies in between is C that is Choice.”

So, don’t lose your hope and keep on trying and choosing the correct path and you will definitely succeed one day. You don’t know or choose where and how to take birth, you cannot choose your family, relatives, your looks, etc. But you can choose and make your future, thoughts and this can only be attained by practice and patience and by good choice.


Don’t think too much about your worries and enjoy your life forgetting about worries, failures, because they are part of life and even Bill Gates was not born the richest person of the world, it took at least 31 years to become a billionaire. So, enjoy your life and learn from your failures and opt for a positive attitude toward life, this will definitely make you successful. If not money at least your behavior and personality will become immortal.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q.1 How do I keep myself motivated every day?

Ans. Practice Yoga, be clear about your dreams, develop a positive attitude, adopt a forgiving attitude and learning nature, read books because reading enhances knowledge and will help you to bring balance to your life.

Q.2 How can I be happy alone?

Ans. First of all, love yourself, develop your skills, read good books, enhance your knowledge, develop writing habits, have a talk with the inner you, work on your dream, etc; all these activities will keep you busy and you will start loving your own company.

Q.3 How do I keep myself motivated to study?

Ans. Stay focused on your goal; don’t distract from other’s achievements, don’t be lazy, try-hard, study thoroughly, don’t take a shortcut, work on clearing your concepts, etc.

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