Know! How Does Childhood Psychology Affect Adulthood/Future

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Your Adulthood
How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Your Adulthood

A child is everything for his/her parents, they try their best to give education, food, and many required things at their level; but unknowingly some children develop bad habits, and parents unable to figure out the reasons behind it.

Children face different kinds of pressure at school and most of the parents fail to understand them. One side, they have to score good marks whereas on the other side they also make a friend group. They feel various types of torture at school and if not resolved properly, can affect them badly.

What is Childhood Trauma and its Types?

Psychological trauma or physical torture in childhood is a kind of mental pressure that anyone can feel or face at any stage of life that directly affects their mind. For children, it is very tough to forget an incident and control emotions and thoughts. They develop some serious illness that affects their entire life.

  • Acute trauma: It is the first type of trauma with very less effect on the person and this mainly occurs due to depression, disappointments and it is noticed only just because of a single incidence.
  • Chronic trauma: Any kind of repeated action which deeply affects someone’s mind has been described as a chronic trauma. It can be any kind of domestic violence.
  • Complex trauma: The last and most complex type of trauma in which a person can face different kinds of pressure at the same time, for example, they can face domestic violence as well as any kind of pressure in their school or among friends, etc. at the same time.

Different Types of Trauma that Children Generally Face

A child with a delicate mind and a soft heart becomes unable to handle psychological trauma that causes mental pressure. They face different types of pressures like:

  • Bullying: Children can face verbal or physical any kind of bullying and generally, bad children perform this act to become superior or show their power without any reason. They do this with a weak or emotionally weak child. They learn it from TV shows or the environment around them and never feel wrong in performing such actions. Sometimes they bully verbally and physically also.
  • Physical Abuse: When parents or who so ever takes care of the child fails to fulfil their basic needs, then it can be stated as physical abuse. All of us have the right to education, food, medication, etc and if a child kept apart from these needs then it is physical abuse. Apart from the basic needs when a child is tortured physically like beating, forced to work, shaking, etc. that leaves various marks on their body; all are considered as physical abuse.
  • Community Violence: A kind of violence that a group of children or people attack randomly like gangsters or rowdies, it is called community violence. Sometimes they can also be the child’s known people or a group of people having weapons like knife, rifles, etc. All this badly affects a child’s mind.
  • Early childhood trauma: A kind of trauma in which a child deals with the pain of losing someone very close to him at a very early age or when they face any kind of natural calamity that affects children’s mental state and is known as early childhood trauma.
  • Medical trauma: Any kind of physical treatment or medication like paralysis, physical imperfectness, or any medical treatment can change a child’s life. Some painful treatment can really change their world and mentality.
  • Sexual abuse: It is quite common and unpredictable because you never know who can be the cause of this act. Nowadays children are not even safe in their schools and day by day we figure out various cases of childhood sexual abuse. This act badly affects a child’s mind and can also affect their adulthood.

How does Childhood Trauma Affect Your Adulthood/ What happens in Adulthood if Childhood Trauma is not Resolved

Not all children are alike and it becomes very difficult for them to express sometimes. But by analyzing some signs and symptoms you can conclude that there is something fishy.

  • Emotionally Weak

It makes you emotionally weak and it is not good for your future. An emotionally weak person can be fooled emotionally easily. Your emotions will hinder many of your work and you will always feel difficulty in making any decision. Nowadays we can see many of our friends are fooled emotionally and this is just because of their weak emotional power. They are not strong enough to handle the nearby changes.

  • Affects Health

It affects their health and as all of us know health is an important factor in our lives and plays a very important role in building confidence. A healthy person is someone who is socially, mentally as well as physically fit. If any of the three is affected it can be easily seen on their physical health. And as we know our physical appearance adds confidence in us and plays a very important role in our development.

  • Lack of Confidence

Trauma affects their confidence because when a child is bullied at school, it automatically affects his mind, which hinders his performance. You would have seen some children who know everything but when the teacher asks them, they fail to answer. All because of their low confidence. It not only effects your childhood days but also continues in adulthood.

  • Makes People Isolated

They do not have the courage to face new people or society. When a person cannot meet people, it automatically affects their progress and he will always suffer in their entire life. Actually, there are people with brilliant IQ who always keep themselves isolated, but the difference is they had never gone through a trauma. Isolation because of fear is different from Isolation because of a habit. It develops anthropophobia and any kind of phobia is not good for us.

  • Remains Unmotivated

Lack of motivation can easily ruin their life. All of us feel depressed sometimes but we also have a ray of hope which keeps us alive and motivates us on frequent intervals but children with trauma have a different mind set up. They feel sad, alone, and demotivated all the time. So, it is very necessary for you to motivate your child at frequent intervals because it can also provoke them for suicidal activities. If not treated at childhood days it can badly affect their adulthood. An unmotivated person can never succeed in his life and in this way, it also affects your adulthood.

  • Lack of Inner Peace

It affects their mental peace and a mentally unstable person can never develop in his life. Mental peace helps you to focus on and learn new things, you can do something new or different when you are mentally strong. It is tough for children to do so, and if not treated it continues and they tend towards criminal activities.

  • Sense of Inferiority

They feel inferior to others either it is because of their looks, health, or their educational abilities. Trauma badly affects a child’s mind and they start feeling inferior and when they grow old it continues and this can really affect their life. Resolve the issue as soon as possible because it can ruin their future. So, always talk to your child and make them feel safe and secure with you.

  • Aggressive Behaviour

Being a parent most of us know how our child can behave and what else he or she can do. You know why your child is sometimes aggressive. Generally, when children need something and they won’t get they behave aggressively but you when you see such symptoms without any reason then you should start keeping an eye on him/her. You can also talk with them and figure out the main reason behind it because children also behave alike due to trauma.

  • Change in Sleeping Habits

It becomes difficult for anyone to sleep when they are tensed and similarly you can see some changes in their sleeping habits too. When you see such changes, you should take action and try to know the reason behind it.

  • Change in Eating Habits

When someone is not happy, he/she cannot lead a normal life and all the abnormal habits can be seen in day-to-day life while eating, playing, speaking, and many other activities. When children show some change in their eating habits please try to know the real reason behind it before it’s too late.

  • Mentally Absent

Children do not have the mental capacity to deal with many things at a time. They look sad and mentally things irritate them and make them sad. They physically are with you but not mentally. You would have seen sometimes teachers complain that your child is never mentally present in the class. Trauma can be one of the reasons behind this.

  • Social Distancing

Sometimes children keep themselves away from society and isolate themselves within their room and if you notice this difference then it’s time to talk to your child and know the real reason behind.

Apart from the above symptoms, your child can be an introvert and these type of children always keep himself away so, first of all, know your child and then analyze these symptoms. There are many other symptoms like sadness, improper behavior, feeling frustrated, won’t able to concentrate, sudden poor performance in academics, headache, complaining stomach pain, avoid going to school, etc.

  • Serious Mental and Personality Disorders

If childhood trauma is not cured, it can cause serious mental illness. Sometimes due to hypertension, they develop some absurd behaviours. Lack of serotonin also provokes them for suicidal activities. Life seems meaningless to them and sometimes people also call them mad.

Any kind of mental illness can directly affect a person and his life. This hinders their progress, their performance and when someone doesn’t perform well, they automatically start feeling lonely and inferior.

A personality disorder is something that makes them uncommon just because of their way of thinking, talking, behaviour, etc, an unknown fear ruins them and causes social distraction. All these are various types of mental illness which can seriously affect their personality all through the life.

How to Treat Childhood Trauma in Adulthood?

  • Neurotherapy

It is a process in which doctors release some electric rays to your brain and these rays are helpful in analyzing the functioning of your brain. It is further helpful in treating their mental instability. The waves are very light and are shown on a screen like a video game that can be controlled by the doctors.

  • Proper Diet

Proper diet can really change you because there are many fruits and vegetable which are helpful in dealing with your trauma. Actually, when are stressed our mind releases some stress hormones like cortisol, catecholamines, etc. and when we have a stress bursting diet it helps you to maintain the level of happy hormones and adds positive vibes and helps you to come out of trauma. Usually, children in their adulthood adopt some wrong eating and drinking habits which are not at all good for them. They get habitual of junk food and many other things which are not good for health. So, follow a proper diet.

  • Make Close Friends

Sharing is caring and when you share your problems with someone, they will definitely help you. You cannot share your personal stuff with anyone, so it’s better to have some super close friends and share all those things which provoke you or stop you. This is one of the best ways to overcome your trauma. It is possible that you might be having some inferior thoughts that can easily solve by sharing your trauma.

  • Visit your Doctor

Sometimes it becomes necessary for us to visit our doctor because some thoughts continuously ruin our day to day life and quiet becomes dangerous sometimes. So, if you feel depressed or worried or you might be feeling some uncommon changes in your body, then it is better to visit the correct person, who can handle you in a better way and it is your doctor. Never hide anything from him, because it will help him to treat you in a better way.

  • Recall your Trauma

Children have a very delicate mind and they easily get affected because of it and even a small incident can change their life completely. It is possible that your trauma can be one of them. So, recall it and try to understand what was the situation at that time and will the same incident affect you today. When you will figure out the root cause and its consequences, it will not bother you anymore.

  • Practice Meditation

In the way air is helpful in breathing, food for health similarly meditation is for your mind and thoughts. The entire process of meditation contains three steps and takes near about an hour. Trust me it makes us mentally strong and will make you free of any kind of trauma. But nowadays, most of the youngsters do not like to sit still for an hour. So, try to practice meditation for better results.

  • Stay in a Positive Environment

Childhood trauma makes us selective because it becomes very difficult for us to trust anyone. But try to have positive people around you, because negative people will always demoralize you and this will make you sad. Stay with those who motivate you and always have a positive attitude.

How to Overcome Trauma in Childhood to Avoid Bad Effects in Adulthood/to Make Adulthood Safe

  • Train them at Home

It is very necessary to train your child at home about the different types of safe and unsafe touches so that you can keep them safe and they too can protect themselves from sexual abuse. There is a lot of training material available on the internet, which you can easily download for free and train your children as well as your dear ones.

  • Be their Best Friends

All of us were a child someday and we can understand how our child feels and thinks at a certain age. All of us need a friend and there can be no one better than their own parents because while sharing a secret with a friend there is always a fear that he or she will tell it to someone. So, it’s better to be your child’s best friend and ask them to share everything with you because you are safe.

Some children do not share things with their parents because parents become angry, so rather being angry, try to make them comfortable with you and tell them what is wrong and what is right. In this way, they will share every detail and you can figure out and take further actions.

  • Believe in your Child

It is very necessary to believe your child because sometimes they feel neglected and stop sharing some important details, so always believe your child and listen to them carefully. Believe them whatever they share and tell you because they will only share something when they feel safe with you. You can also ask them at seldom intervals as to how their friends behave with them and what things they discuss. It is also possible that your child might not be bullied, but he could be bullying another child. So, always teach them the difference between right and wrong.

  • Try to Understand Them

Sometimes we feel an incident to be very small and feel our child is exaggerating it, rather imposing your thoughts try to understand what they want to tell you and how a certain thing is causing trouble for them. There is a generation gap between your schooling and your child, situation, time, and the scenario of school has been changed today so, try to understand them, and take action if anything seems wrong or your child feels unsafe.

  • Spend Some Time with Them

No one shares their secrets at once, it takes time to first become your child’s best friend and try to spend some time with them every day. Ask them what they did in the school and what events took place in their school. Once they will get habitual of sharing things, they will also share if something goes wrong. In this way, you know each and every activity of your child.


Children are very delicate and have a very soft heart and they get easily effects by small incidence. So, always give them a friendly atmosphere in the home and try to spend some time with them. Ask them to call their friends at home and in this way, you can easily listen to their conversations and can easily know what they talk about and many other things. This will help you to know your child’s nature.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q.1 What happens if childhood trauma is not resolved?

Ans. If not treated, it will remain for a long time and it will hinder the carrier as well as the personality growth of that person in life.

Q.2 How long does it take to heal from childhood trauma?

Ans. It can take some months to years, depending on the person’s mental ability.

Q.3 What are common symptoms of childhood trauma?

Ans. A person with childhood trauma talks very less, has a lack of confidence, poor academic records, poor diet, face sleeplessness, etc.

Q.4 Does childhood trauma get resolved?

Ans. Yes, but not always sometimes it remains and you can see the results in your adulthood in the form of stress and anxiety.

Q.5 Is childhood trauma dangerous?

Ans. Yes, it is and can provoke your child for suicidal activities.

Q.6 Can my childhood trauma make me sick?

Ans. Yes, it disturbs your physical as well as mental health and sometimes it also turns into a serious disorder if not taken care of on time.

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