Do you Know How Much Harmful Your Ego is and How to Leave it Easily

Harmful Effects of Ego and How to Leave it
Harmful Effects of Ego and How to Leave it

Ego is a simple three letters word but with a destructive meaning. Any action or anything we do is a form of energy and as we know energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Similarly, whatever we feel and do is a form of energy and ego is also an energy, but people take it in a negative way, that is because it is not considered as a good thing or feeling.

Everything has two aspects one is the positive and the other is negative. Now it’s our choice how we take it. It can be any situation, thought, action, or anything, and that depends on us. This is what called an optimistic nature. So, it is always said to adopt a positive attitude in life. When we take the negative side, it plays a destructive role in our life, whereas if we take the positive side it plays a constructive role.

It does not matter what we think, if something matters are the way react. So, is it too tough to opt for a positive attitude? Negativity is not good in any way, so, I have discussed here the negative aspects of an ego including effective ways to leave an ego. Also, I have mentioned the benefits of leaving this three-letter word ‘Ego’. Sometimes it can leave you suffering and at the same time can bring unexpected success to you. Many writers have also added ego in the seven deadly sins of life because these sins are destructive in nature. But I remember a famous saying that “nothing is impossible”.

Negative Aspects of Ego/Harmful Effects of Your Ego

Ego is a kind of clash of thoughts or of an image we have in our mind. There is a story for you:

Once there was a poor man who went to the city for earning income and when he reached, there was no one except a small shop owner and that person helped him and as time passed, he moved on and became successful, he earned a name as well as money. But when the small shop owner visited him, he refused to meet him and this was his ego which stopped him. But later when he realized, he himself visited his friend and helped him for his business.

  • Keeps You Away from Reality

Yes, it builds a different world in your mind and makes you feel like a king of your own town. It is something like building a castle in the air. You can also relate it from the above story: As the poor man imagined himself to be the most powerful and successful person in the town and forgot others’ good deeds. The story shows how It keeps you away from reality.

There is one more epic example from the famous Indian mythological story called ‘Ramayana’. It was Ravan’s ego that called his death. As he performed an austerity and as a result, Lord Shiva blessed him with immortality. As a result, he thought himself to be omnipotent and as a result, the great war of Ramayana took place, and at last, he lost his sons as well as his own life.

Actually, it builds an opaque wall in front of your eyes and there you can only play the movies which go on in your mind.

  • Makes You Self-Oriented and Self-Centred

It makes you self-centered and people can find you praising yourself or boosting their own abilities. Your friends will start calling names and people will avoid your company. Actually, when you are in a group, you should always keep in mind that the conversation should never be self-oriented. You should listen to everyone. When we are among people it’s better to treat as you don’t have anything, because your ego can also bring disgrace and shame for you.

Suppose you visited a party and you have a mindset that you are the richest in the party and is a discussion you unknowingly also discussed your bank balance to a person who earns more than you. This is a situation people nearby will start mocking you. This can make you suffer, so it’s better to keep quiet and keep in mind that in this world you are not the only person, there can be many like you. Even Alia, Salman like stars also have their human copies.

  • Destroys your Inner Peace

The three letters of a destructive word can easily destroy your inner peace. It is a human tendency that we think we are the best and when others do not treat us alike, we feel hurt and we can develop unnecessary stress. Sometimes it also ruins a relationship and there are many cases of divorce seen just because of ego. It is really sad that people get distracted just because of their ego and their failures make them realize how wrong they were.

  • Makes You Feel Superior to Anyone

It is sometimes easy to achieve success, but a bit tough to maintain that dignity for a long time. And this is the art of life, it’s not about what and how you earn? it is all about ho how much you save? We all are human and we are in this world to help each other and save the needy. If you have been gifted with beautiful eyes and someone is blind, rather than making fun of him you should help him. Actually, it is humanity for which we are on the earth. We should not start feeling superior or proud of whatever we have, instead help others and it will give the ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

  • Stops you to Achieve Success

Ego can develop a sense of overconfidence which is not good for you at any cost especially in case of success. We need to work hard and should be the best in the market to succeed, but our ego makes keeps us in a dilemma that we are the best and we won’t need any kind of polish. It is good to be confident but not overconfident. The one and only rule to succeed is to learn and progress and ego never allow you to do so.

  • Never Let you to Know the ‘New You’

As discussed, ego never lets you learn new things, and learning new things is the best way to know the new you. Most of us don’t even know our abilities and your ego will never allow you to do so. Ego makes you feel superior and will never allow you to poke yourself to do something better. Change is a part of life and when there is no change, it automatically becomes boring and useless, you can relate it with many things like if you have to do the same work every day at your office you will get bored, whereas if different tasks are assigned every day you can perform it in a better way with a new energy level.

  • Rules You and Never Let You be Independent

If you had ever met an egoistic person you would have seen them how much obsessed they look. Actually, your ego will never let you be independent and lead a peaceful life, what really happens is ego makes us feel superior, you feel as omnipotent but it is not always the truth. Ego ruins your thoughts, your dressing sense, your food, and everything.

  • Gives you False Perception of being Fearless and Powerful

It is not bad to earn money and have a lot of bank balance but it is not even fine to show off your money. Sometimes people forget where they are and behave in such a way that it brings disgrace to them. Actually, ego keeps them in an imaginary world where they feel omnipotent. They just forget the rules and regulations of society. So, for a healthy life it is very necessary to keep your ego aside.

Easy and Effective Ways to Leave an Ego

I have mentioned some simple techniques that will help you to leave your ego;

  • Practice Meditation

Meditation is something that adds balance in your life; it helps you to control your mind as well as emotions. It develops a positive sense within you and when we have a positive aspect, there will be no place for ego. But the fact is very few of us follow the proper steps of meditation and complain. Actually, it contains three parts and takes an hour to complete it properly. The three steps are Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Try these three magical words and you will see a difference within you.

  • Stop making Stories

An egoistic person lives in a self-made world where they think themselves to be supreme. So, stop making stories and still if your mind makes it, try to accept, and relate it to the present world. If your son got 90% then still there are people who got 99%. This will help you to remain down to earth and will take away the egoistic feeling.

  • Never Be Overconfident

Ego brings overconfidence, confidence is good but when it reaches an extreme level it becomes dangerous. To stay away from this, always say a line to yourself. “I am not the only one but I have to give my best”. When you will realise that there are many more like you and they can also secure good marks or position like you, then it will break your overconfidence and will motivate you to focus only on your performance.

  • Practice Gratitude

Although gratitude is only a word it holds a lot of meaning as well as sense. Always thank others for everything. Make it in your habit, thank god for the new day, you can also thank cow for the milk. I am not joking; it really works because an egoistic person never thanks others and they think themselves superior to others. Gratitude also builds kindness in you and removes negativity from you.

  • Appreciate Others

An egoistic person can never see anyone better than him, so practice appreciating others. It needs the courage to appreciate, try it one. When an egoistic person sees someone wearing a good dress, he automatically feels jealous and they suffer because they have an inbuilt imagination that no one can be better than them and when they see anything opposite it automatically triggers their mood and make then more jealous. As we know anger and jealousy are the outcomes of ego. When we appreciate others, it builds a positive attitude within us, and this positivity will help you to stay away from ego.

  • Forgive Everyone

It is not so easy to forgive everyone, every time, still if you want to bring a change within you or want to keep your ego away, try it. Start it with the people who matter very little to you. For example, you went to the market and a person rushed on you and your bag fell on the road, simply say ‘Ok’ to the person and rather showing your anger because you are at no harm. Starting from an unknown person try the same on your near and dear ones. Trust me this will not only keep your ego away from you but will also strengthen your bonds and people will start loving your company.

Benefits of Leaving an Ego

There are many benefits of leaving an ego, I have described some of them below;

  • Makes us Humble

Leaving an ego makes you humble, and a humble and down to earth person is praised everywhere. All of us like those who behave properly and do not always boast of their abilities and power.

N. R. Narayana Murthy the co-founder of Infosys, being such a big personality, he does not know how to drive a car and his wife herself drops him at the bus stop, where the company bus comes to pick him up. He can easily have a car and can also have a driver still, his simplicity, and the way he treats his employees is markable. And he is known for his down to earth behavior.

  • Helps us to Learn New Things

Egoistic people always feel satisfied with themselves and won’t learn new things and techniques. Leaving ego will always help you and motivate you to learn new things. Learning new things will always help you to progress in life.

  • Adds Positivity in Your Life

A positive attitude can change your life and you would have seen examples of positivity around you. Negativity can sone deadly sins like anger, envy, jealousy, etc. together. Ego is the root of many bad habits and it’s better to leave it as early as possible. All of us love someone who motivates us and inspires us.

  • Makes our Relation Strong

Every year we can hear many marriage failures just because of ego. Sometimes it ruins your relationship and even breaks it. So, stay away from ego and always have time for your family and near and dear ones. Always ask your family for their opinion while taking any big decision and trust them. Trust strengthens your relationship and builds an unbreaking faith. In this way leaving an ego can benefit your relationship.

  • Builds a Praising Tendency

All of us love getting praised and those who praise us and encourage us, an egoistic person never praises others and when you leave an ego it fills you with the expression of gratitude and thanking others. Gratitude brings kindness, there are three R’s in the expression of gratitude; they are Recognize the person who had helped you because when we grow financially, ego ruins us and we forget those who helped us. So, while expressing gratitude Recognize, Remember, and Reciprocate. If you leave ego and adopt these three R’s in your life believe me you will be the richest person on this planet with lots of well-wishers.

  • Develops a Helping Nature

Leaving an ego develops a positive as well as helping tendency. It is the ego of a well-known businessperson who stops him to talk to a beggar and help him. When the same person leaves his ego and takes a step to help the poor, they are appreciated. So, always help others and this brings a different kind of satisfaction to you. Ego keeps you away from this kind of thought and feeling.


I have discussed various aspects of ego and finally want to say that it is totally your choice and anything is destructive when taken in the wrong way. I have clearly mentioned the advantage and disadvantages of ego. Hope you like the article and will definitely share with your dear ones and let them know the positive aspects of the ego, which very few us know. Stay tuned to HealthHelical for such interesting articles.

FAQs: People also ask

Q.1 What are the symptoms of ego?

Ans. An egoistic person always imposes his thoughts on others, never listen to others’ advice, never believe in helping others, they keep themselves first, etc.

Q.2 Can ego cause any disease?

Ans. Yes, your ego may cause several health issues such as High blood pressure, heart diseases, overthinking, various types of personality disorders, etc.

Q.3 How do I deal with my spouse ego?

Ans. You can adopt these habits and it will help you. 1) Do things in your way don’t wait for their approval. 2) Appreciate them when they are correct and also tell them when they are wrong, but politely. 3) Don’t promote their thoughts and if you do not like just clearly say a ‘No’. 4) Don’t allow them to make any decision instantly ask them to wait and analyze then take an action, etc.

Q.4 Is ego and attitude the same?

Ans. They are not the same, both are different terms. Attitude is a kind of behavior or view about a particular thing or a person. Whereas, the ego is a feeling where a person himself feels superior and omnipotent.

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