Does Keeping Parrot at Home Bring Good Luck? Know the Amazing Facts!

Benefits of Having Parrots at Home

Most of us love having a pet and it sounds more interesting to have a parrot. They have been marked as the third most adoptable pets after dogs and cats. Having a pet is really interesting and there are many benefits of having them. One should take care of his pet like his own child because they need extra care and attention.

Parrots are one the most notorious animals and they need people to interact and get entertain. They are very quick learners and therefore they even learn to speak. It is really crazy to have them because other pets can’t talk although they can understand you the most. We have discussed the various benefits of having parrots.

Some Unknown Benefits of Having Parrots at Home as Pets

There are various amazing benefits of having a pet Parrot like:

  1. Reduces Stress

Parrots are also known as stress busters, because of their talking habit. Generally interacting with animals reduces the stress releasing hormone and is helpful in reducing blood pressure, inflammation, and many other things. Talking with someone or engaging yourself somewhere else is one of the best ways of reducing stress. Parrots like people interacting with them and they shout and make noise unless one talks to them.

2. Improves Mental Health

When we have decreased stress levels, it automatically improves our mood and mental health. A healthy person is someone who has a good body as well as mental health. Being mentally fit improves our mood and helps us to lead a better life. Sometimes people just need someone to talk and spend some time with, but in today’s generation, it is a very big task and parrots are really very much helpful in such a condition. They also have a very long life span, which is really helpful in keeping them.

3. Makes you Social (Good for Social Interaction)

People with shy nature and week communication skills should have a parrot because Parrots want people to talk and interact with them. This develops the taking skill in the owner also and they stop hesitating. They are funny animals and love interacting with people.

Precautions Should be Taken When You Have a Parrot

  • Never keep them in your kitchen because in a kitchen you have water, fire and many other gases which can be toxic for them because birds have a very sensitive respiratory system.
  • Parrots are like children, so always take extra care when sleeping, sitting on the couch as they can hide under the pillow or can be found resting on the floor.
  • They can cut electric wires and cause disaster, so always have an eye on them when they are free.
  • Keep the windows closed when they are out of their cage.
  • Keep them safe or inside the cage when the fan is on because the blades can cause serious injuries.
  • The fumes out of Teflon cookware can kill your bird, so avoid using this metal or keep them away from the kitchen.
  • Generally, room fresheners and perfumes are not animal-friendly, so either avoid them or buy a product that is safe for pets.
  • Do not keep other animals with birds as they may kill it. Have different free time for all animals.
  • Always have your veteran number in your contact list so that you can immediately call them on an emergency.

How to Take Care of Your Parrot?

  • Spend Time with Them: Parrots learn very quickly but you have to spend some time with them to train them. They also love the people around them, generally, animals need attention and they can learn more when we are with them.
  • Teach them: Parrots learn quickly and so they can speak too. Bring toys for them and teach them various activities. There are many soft toys available for birds in the market, which are helpful in making them active.
  • Take Care of Their Hygiene: Change their food and water bowls on a daily basis. Parrots and other birds have very sensitive respiratory organs and can easily become infected also clean their feathers at frequent intervals and follow some routine care.
  • Do not Give Bath Daily: Bathing every day can cause dry skin to parrots, so depending on your parrot’s activities let them bath twice or thrice a month.
  • Insist Their Proper Sleep: It has been found that parrots require 12 hours of sleep. Therefore, let them sleep to stay healthy and active.
  • Trim their Nails: If possible, you can also cut their nails. First, observe your doctor and then do it. Their increased nails can harm not only you but also for themselves.
  • First Aid: Buy a first aid kit for birds and learn some basic treatment techniques from your veteran.


According to Vaastu and Feng Shui, it is great to have parrots and feed them daily. Feeding and caring for animals brings us good luck and we can do the same for any animal. People who can’t afford pets due to many reasons like money or not capable of taking proper care or etc. usually visit the zoo and feed them. It is good to feed and love animals.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which colour parrot bring good luck?

Ans. Green colour parrot is considered a symbol of growth in life as well as in business.

Q.2 Can I keep an idol of Parrot for good luck?

Ans. Yes, you can also keep a picture of a parrot in the north direction.

Q.3 Is milk good for parrots?

Ans. No, milk should not be given to birds, because milk and other dairy products can be toxic for birds.

Q.4 Where should I keep my parrot cage at home?

Ans. You should keep it in your balcony or near a window. Always keep it away from your dog or other pet animals. You should also keep a parrot away from your kitchen.

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