Does Keeping Live Tortoise at Home bring Good Luck?

Benefits of Keeping Live Tortoise at Home

India is a country where we usually pray trees, animals, and various deities. Different animals are believed to ride of different deities. It is mouse knows for lord Ganesh, whereas Lion is for Goddess Durga. There are various beliefs of keeping these animals with us; some of them carry special benefits that open the door of fortune. Similarly, when it is Tortoise, it opens the door of wealth and wisdom for us. It is a ride of Goddess Yamuna.

India is also known for its rich heritage and culture. Where there is a branch of education known as Vaastu Shastra. It includes the traditional study of Indian architecture. It is a science that is used for attracting wealth and fortune in your home. So, as per Vaastu Shastra, we should keep tortoise in our house because it attracts positivity, good luck and brings balance to our lives.

Difference between Tortoise and Turtle

There are two types of tortoise available one is a tortoise and the other is a turtle. Both are the different species of tortoise with some basic differences.

Turtle: It is a sea animal with an upper shell in a flat shape. The life of a turtle is near about 80 years. It is considered as an auspicious animal.

Tortoise: They live on land and sometimes in freshwater, they can live in the desert as well. They can live for 150 years and sometimes they are also seen to live up to 200 years. This is because they symbolize immortality.

Both turtle and tortoise are marked as an auspicious animal as per Indian mythology. You can have any one of them. If it is not possible to have a live tortoise you can also have an idol.

Benefits/Importance of Keeping a Live Tortoise at Home

  • Tortoise attracts positive energy; this makes a positive environment at your home.
  • Keeping it in your bedroom can solve the problem of Insomnia.
  • Always take care of your tortoise as a child, this improves your relationship.
  • It attracts wealth, prosperity, peace, good fortune, strength.
  • The long-life cycle of tortoise symbolizes immortality. A normal tortoise can live up to 150 to 200 years. They bless you with long life and good health.
  • Always keeping it in water because it doubles its effect.
  • It is also helpful in nourishing a good carrier.
  • Brings firmness in your personal and professional life.

Points to Remember when you Keep a Live Tortoise at Home

  • Be sure to know the Wild Conservation Act before having a living tortoise. Because it is ban to use some of its species in India.
  • It is very easy to have to take care of a tortoise because they eat very little.
  • They eat very less and some of them eat on alternate days. So, do not overfeed them because this can cause trouble.
  • Always change their water on alternate days or on a daily basis.
  • Because they eat very less so, give them enough nutrients to match their need.
  • Always give them sunbath because it is sunlight that makes their outer shell stiff. Lack of Vitamin D can make the shell soft and can cause death.
  • One should only bring them at home when they are ready to take care of it, because treating them in a wrong way or not taking proper care of them, can have some negative effects.

Importance of Tortoise as per Indian Mythology

The tortoise is also known as ‘Kurma’ in Sanskrit. It is marked as a lucky creature because it is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu has taken 10 avatars at different stages of life.

Once when a sage was named Durvasa, he presented a garland to Lord Indra, who disrespected it and the sage got angry and cursed Indira and the other deity would soon lose all their powers. Since Indra was the king of the gods, the sage cursed the entire kingdom. As a result, they started losing all the battles against demons and Indra found himself helpless and prayed to Lord Vishnu for help.

Lord Vishnu suggests churning the ocean, where they can get nectar. Nectar can restore their powers and make them immortal. The churning of the ocean was named Samundra Manthan. The gods initiated this churn, but as they lost all their powers, they called the demons for help. They started this work together.

The mountain named Mandra was used as a stirring pole in the sea but when they placed it in the sea, it began to immerse underwater. Then it was Lord Vishnu who incarnated the turtle and had his back as the base of the mountain. Finally, the Mandara Mountain found a base and stopped sliding. They were successful in getting the nectar.

Since that time the turtle is considered special due to its mythological importance. In the churning, we found various things like wish-fulfilling cow, money, Kalpavriksha, Ayurveda, etc. All this was possible just because of the tortoise.

Importance of Tortoise as per Chinese Mythology

Tortoise is considered equally important in China. It was a tortoise helped Pangu (The first living being as per Chinese mythology) to create the world. It was the goddess Nugua who used a tortoise as a support when the mountain supporting the sky was destroyed by a water god Gong Gong.

The mythological believes increases the importance of tortoise in different nations. It is a belief that the universe was created from the dome a tortoise carries. The Chinese feng shui also believes tortoise as an auspicious animal.


It is not only India but there are many nations who consider the tortoise a symbol of luck. It has a very long life span that makes him special and adds a positive attitude towards life. They do not make a noise like other animals, so they are easy to keep. Nevertheless, there are several precautions that must be taken when having them. The turtle is good in many ways; it can bring your family together and bless you with harmony. So, if you are planning to keep a live turtle at your house, then go for it.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Should tortoises be always kept in the water?

Ans. Only young turtle needs to be hydrated and so when they are young you can keep them in water frequently, but after some time you can reduce the frequency. As they can live on both land and water equally.

Q.2 What are the various food that we can feed turtles?

Ans. You can feed them carrots, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

Q.3 Can I feed my turtle every day?

Ans. Depending on the quantity of your meal you can decide either you should feed daily or on alternate days. Some people feed a lot of food one day so they feed every third day, where are some people feel very less amount of food so they feed every day.

Q.4 What foods are toxic to turtles?

Ans. Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, etc are considered poisonous for turtles.

Q.5 Do pet turtles drink water?

Ans. Yes, they drink water when they swim, so, one should always clean their water otherwise they can become sick.

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