Check! Whether You Are a Fearless and Brave Person

Characteristics of a Fearless and Brave Person
Characteristics of a Fearless and Brave Person

God has made man or a human with lots of features and some of us carry the best of them and some of us make ourselves the best one, simply by opting for some good habits.

In our society you would have seen that successful people are always admired, but do you really know how much struggle they have done to achieve that simple seven letters word ‘success’. If you are a parent or someone who wants to do something different in their life, you should definitely read this article.

Why do You Need to be Brave?

It is not as simple as it sounds to be a brave person; it takes time and experience to become so. We generally show our children success stories and inspire them to become like them. Suppose if your child achieved good marks in his academics and got very good placement and having a very fine job. All those happen because of your inspiration. You will be extremely happy for whatever they have but have you ever thought if the company collapse or any mishap happens then how your child will cope up with it.

Now there will be a question in your mind that how to make him realize how failure feels? It does not mean you divert him from his studies; still, there are many methods to let them taste both successes as well as failures. For example, ask them to take part in various circular activities or if you are a youth, try various streams although you are good or expert in one. In this way, you will definitely come to know some of your other qualities and will also fail in certain things and you will become a pro in managing your failures too.

I am not training to taste failure but training to how to cope up with failure, suppose your child did not secure any position in a drawing competition and he loves to paint. Then what will you do? Will you scold him or will motive him for the next time. Similarly, we should always deal with all of our problems and this develops a brave and fearless characteristic within us.

6 Best Qualities of a Fearless and Brave Person

A brave person always takes tough decisions, without thinking much about the results because they are not afraid of failures. I have mentioned some main features of a brave person below:

  • They Have a Strong Determination

Brave people never take their steps back and don’t hesitate while taking big steps.

There are many examples of such people in our history, who were neglected from our society but they didn’t stop and it was their determination that they even won the Noble Prize.

One of the most inspiring Malala Yousafzai was a young girl from Pakistan. And all of us know about the terrorist activities that widely take place in Pakistan. Apart from all these circumstances, this girl courage to educate girls of her locality for education and was even shot for her deed. But fortunately, she survived and continued her work. It was her determination to educate girls, as education is one of the most important parts of life.

She was nominated for Noble Peace prize and she also won, if she would run away from the problems, she faced she would be never called a warrior. She was brave and determined and this was the main reason for her success.

  • They are Practical

It is true that a practical person is a brave one and most successful people are noted to be practical. Actually, an emotional person cannot be called brave because they get sad about small things, and when a person loses his time in pondering about his past, the success rate automatically decreases.

They start daydreaming and do not focus on their future, whereas practical people do also feel sad but they don’t express and spend much time on bad things. They are future-oriented and this makes them brave and fearless. They dare to live and never step back when they face failures. This makes them decent and beings name and fame to them. We can say that being practical is one of the important features of a brave person.

  • They Never Cry on their Failure

There are many types of people around us, as some show their pain and some of them always have a pleasant smile on their faces. Those who always smile do not mean that they never face pain, but the fact is they know the art of living. They are the fearless and brave people, who do not spend much time pondering their failures.

They learn from their failures and implement it to get success; this makes them successful in their life. It is a fact that a brave and fearless person always be a strong one.

  • They Live Life the Fullest

Life is something unpredictable and one can face any situation at any moment. Sometimes most of us fear taking big and bold decisions but a brave person never hesitates and enjoys his success as well as failures.

Here is an example for you; A man loves sweet dishes and loves to eat it all the time, so once his wife decided to serve sweets all the time, in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not you can imagine the situation. The man got frustrated after some days because he cannot eat a sweet dish all the time although he loves to eat sweet things. Similarly, when we always face success it becomes tasteless so, to enjoy the happiness of success you also have to fail some times.

Fearless people live their life fullest because they know the above fact so, they welcome both their success and failure as well. They also set an example for others.

  • It’s not a Tough Task to Say ‘No’

It’s simply two letters word No, but it takes lots of courage to say ‘No’ sometimes. But a fearless person never feels anything alike. Sometimes it is necessary for us to say no but we hesitate and do a work which we don’t even want to.

But to be successful in life it is necessary for us to learn to say No. It is possible that one of your friends frequently borrows money and you hesitate of saying No. A brave person always analyses his situation and then he agrees or denies. You should be enough capable of saying no when needed. This is another strong characteristic of a brave person.

  • They don’t do Back Bitching

Brave people never talk anything rubbish or something behind you, they will say whatever they feel or think in front of you. They believe in reality and live in the present world; they are broad-minded and always bear good thoughts.

If they feel you are wrong or not doing something properly, they have the courage to talk to you directly instead of doing back bitching or other offensive things. They face their problems and are capable of solving it themselves.

How to be Brave by Some Simple Practice

Apart from the above characteristics, one can also become brave and fearless by practicing certain activities.

  • Always speak the truth; it is a fact that those who speak the truth won’t need much time in remembering whatever they said. Because we forget after saying what we say and at the same time we if we speak the truth, we will say the same every time.

For example, if someone asked how much marks you got in your class 10th and you lied to them and told 90%, and you actually got 60%. So, when they will ask you for the second time after many years you will say something else. Because you forgot what you said but you remember what the truth is. It means speaking the truth is necessary for and brave people never hesitate in doing such action.

  • Taking a risk, most of us think a lot when we have to do something different or special. It is not all of us have the courage to take some tough and big decisions. It is possible that you might fail for the first time, but failures make us strong and make us brave. So, always make your own decisions and never impose your failure on others. It is also necessary to analyze the situation thoroughly then conclude yourself.
  • Be a good listener, now a day’s children think themselves a mastermind and do whatever they want without listening to others. This leads to continuous failures and they ultimately attain depression and encourage suicidal thoughts. So, it is very necessary for anyone to be a good listener, because it needs patience and when you attain this quality it automatically makes you a good listener. When you listen and learn from others then only you can be successful. To become brave and fearless, first, become a good listener.

There is an example for you; suppose you work in a wood designing company and you found fashion shows useless. And one of your friends always uses to visit dress designers and one day he carved such a new and beautiful design keeping the dress designers in mind. What did he do? He simply observed and listened to the dress designers and bought something amazing in the wood industry. It is always that person succeeds who brings some new ideas. And success automatically makes you brave.


Being brave is a choice and you can opt this habit by some simple practices mentioned above. Life is not always fair and we have to learn to bear both successes as well as failures. Generally, in our society parents always want their children to succeed but they never make them learn how to digest our failures. So, it is very necessary for us to learn both, and the person who learns all develop as a brave and fearless person.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q.1 What makes a man fearless?

Ans. Confidence and a very good knowledge of skills make a person fearless. A fearless person is always admired everywhere.

Q.2 Is being fearless a good thing?

Ans. Yes, a fearless person can accept any challenge and this makes them successful everywhere.

Q.3 How do I become completely fearless?

Ans. Be optimistic, adopt a learning attitude, learn gratitude, these things will bring positivity in your life and will make you a brave and clear person.

Q.4 Who is considered brave?

Ans. A person who can handle his problems easily and remains strong in every situation is called brave and fearless.

Q.5 Is being a brave person needs physical strength?

Ans. For being brave you do not need to be physically strong, it is all about your determination and your thoughts make you brave.

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