Best 16 Ways to Start Thinking Positively During Pregnancy

Best Ways to Start Thinking Positively During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase of life when every woman has some special feelings; she can have a miserable amount of mood swings and can feel sad and happy at the same time. During pregnancy, doctors suggest various precautions and diet plans. Sometimes it becomes tough to remember all of them and people get tensed and thoughts of negativity ruin their minds. A woman should always be happy and take special care of her health during pregnancy. Negative thoughts or any kind of negativity in the environment can directly affect the baby.

Whatever a mother eats, thinks, and does directly affect the baby. So, it is always suggested to be positive and opt for some healthy habits. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy but it is very necessary to deal with them and stay happy. Your mood can directly affect your baby because when you are happy, they get happy hormones and a good environment in your womb is good for their development. Whereas, a stressful and negative environment can also affect your baby’s health.

Some Simple and Effective Methods to Keep Yourself Positive during Pregnancy

I have bought some simple methods and habits which will keep you happy during your pregnancy. I hope they will turn helpful for you and will help you to start thinking in a positive way.

1. Read Books

The habit of reading can actually help you with various problems. You can read different types of books related to good parenting or some stories. It is beneficial for you because it keeps you engaged. During

  • Reading is the best way to keep ourselves busy and when we are busy elsewhere our brain will not get time to think about any kind of nonsense. And it also helps you from your drastic mood swings.
  • Your baby’s brain starts developing from the seventh week and you should read for them.
  • Reading not only keeps you engaged but also plays an important role in the development of your baby’s brain. A famous example of this can be seen in Mahabharata where Abhimanyu learned how to enter in a Chakravyuh in his mothers’ womb.
  • It is also believed that the more stories you read for your child, the more active your child will be.
  • It has been proved that children whose parents study for them are more talented than others.

2. Go for Shopping for Your Baby

Girls love shopping and it can work as a stress buster. It is also one of the best ways of keeping yourself happy. The moment we do things we like our mind automatically generates endorphins, which is known as a happy hormone and it also promotes positivity.

  • You can plan for your baby and plan to buy some set of clothes every month.
  • Shopping keeps you busy as well as happy and this keeps negative thoughts away from you.

3. Visit your Parents

Pregnancy is a phase of life when a woman feels more connected and attached to her parents. Because it was her mother who kept her in her womb for nine months. A woman feels more connected and can feel the same essence of life that her mother faced.

  • Parents give the best advice and they remind their own time which can really excite you and make you feel positive.
  • Our brain releases oxytocin a feel-good hormone when we talk with our parents, so talk with your parents especially your mother, she will give you proper guidance and will also improve your mood.

4. Enjoy the Flavours of Life

There are different stages of life from the day we are born. Each phase of life carries some beautiful memories. Similarly, being pregnant is one of the other best feelings in life. So, rather being worried and sad enjoys this phase of life.

  • It is a blessing and you can count your blessings this will automatically bring positivity in you and will make you happy.
  • It is only once or twice for some women to feel this connection, so live your life to the fullest and do all the best things to nourish your child.

5. Enjoy Your Friend Circle

Friends hold a very special place in our life, although you have a caring and friend like a partner, still, a friend circle is very necessary to burn your worries and bring a smile on your face. So, whenever possible have a get-together and enjoy it. When you are happy your mind automatically starts thinking positively.

6. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle is very necessary because you have to take care of your body as well as your child. The chances of being anaemic increases automatically in pregnancy which leads to stress and fatigue. So, opting for a healthy lifestyle should be your topmost priority because a healthy body bears a healthy brain and which automatically generates positive thoughts.

  • Ensure you eat healthy food like green and fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Take your medicines on time and put an alarm for it if you forget.
  • Do things you like to take care of your mental health.
  • Go for a walk and don’t neglect any kind of different symptoms.
  • When you are physically and mentally fit, it automatically fills positivity in you.

7. Stay Away from Negative Thoughts

There can be many ways of getting negative thoughts like sometimes it is a person. Some people always talk rubbish and demotivate others and most of us have such type of people nearby. So, always try to stay away from such type of people and their negative thoughts.

  • Focus on the good things in life.
  • Stay away from negative people.
  • Use a refreshing room freshener as it helps a lot to change your mood.
  • Although your child is inside, spend time with your child, talk with them this will also help them and will also keep you happy.

8. Develop a Writing Habit

Sometimes we cannot control our emotions and get stuck to a particular thought or opinion. In such a case one should develop a writing habit.

  • A wiring habit is good for us because when we write our thoughts, it automatically takes out the fear and worries on the paper.
  • You can also burn the paper after writing so that your thoughts will also be safe. Writing help you in catharsis release.
  • There is a lot of things that we cannot share with other, you can write them. In this way writing can help you in pregnancy.

9. Enjoy each Moment of Your Pregnancy

  • It is a very special moment to carry a life within your womb, so always be grateful to god and enjoy your pregnancy.
  • There are difficulties in every phase of life so don’t get upset be happy for what you have.
  • There are many factors which can make you sad in these days but also remember that you are going to get a beautiful gift of god with you very soon. So, welcome your child, prepare, and celebrate this occasion and live each and every moment of your pregnancy.

10. Remember the best Moments of Your Life

  • Whenever you feel sad or depressed always try to remember the most blessed moments of your life.
  • You can also have a look at your childhood days or of a honeymoon trip, I am sure they will put a smile on your face.
  • Talk with your mother or grandmother about how you were as a child or go through the photo album. Sometimes memories help us live the moment again and improves our mood.

11. Enough Sleep is Also Necessary

  • Sleep is very well known as a stress buster and is good for us in many ways. Always make sure to have a sleep of 7 to 8 hours.
  • Take care of the sleeping position, a pregnant woman should also take care of her sleeping posture.
  • Sleep reduces stress and anxiety and being pregnant is a very tiring experience and one should take enough rest for a healthy baby and this keeps your mind away from any kind of negative thought.

12. Have a Routine Check-up

You should always have a routine check-up and analyze your condition. She should always have an eye on the hemoglobin and other nutrients in her body.

  • As per research, it is very necessary to have Vitamin D because it helps you to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Have a regular check-up to know the status of nutrients in your body.
  • Check your weight at regular intervals.
  • Doctor-suggested ultrasounds are some tests that a pregnant woman should have at regular intervals. When you see your child growing up you will also feel positive and a healthy body will also build a healthy brain and keep you away from any kind of negative thoughts.

13. Have Some Time for Music

Music has fantastic healing power and lightens up your mood. It is also good for the development of your child and it boosts creativity in your child. In the 29th to 33rd weeks of your pregnancy, your baby starts hearing the external voice so you can play music for you as well as your child. Music heals you and generates a sense of positivity within you.

14. Practice Meditation & Yoga

Yoga and meditation fill you with a lot of energy and it is necessary for us to practice meditation. Meditation calms our mind and brings good vibes, which is very necessary during pregnancy. Yoga and meditation act as a detoxifier for our thoughts and make us think positively.

  • Some yoga-like Marjariasana, Konasana, Virabhadrasana, Savasana, etc. can be done by a woman during her pregnancy.

15. Always Pamper Yourself

It is very necessary to stay motivated. During pregnancy, there are many moments when you are alone with your baby. It is very necessary to pamper yourself because when you love yourself then only others will love you.

  • Pampering and admiring yourself is one of the most common ways of staying motivated and we are motivated our mind automatically generates positive thoughts.
  • Always motivate your mind by saying ‘you are the best mom’.
  • ‘Everything is going to be fine soon and you will deliver a healthy baby.’ These type of positive thoughts fills a positive attitude.

16. Talk to Your Baby

  • Your baby starts listening from the very 16th week of your pregnancy.
  • In this phase, they can hear the movement of the internal body like the heartbeat, flow of blood, breathing, etc.
  • From the 33rd week, they become fully capable of listening to the outside world and when you talk to them regularly, they can easily recognize your voice after birth.


All of us face various situations in our life and learn from them. When I was a kid it was very tough for me to go to school, yet I did similarly every stage of life comes with some challenges. So, rather than being tensed and worried during pregnancy try other means and diverts your mind and stay happy. I have discussed some best and easy methods to encourage positive thinking; I hope they will be helpful for you. Stay healthy and stay tuned to health helical for more interesting articles and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I keep myself busy during pregnancy?

Ans. You can keep yourself busy in your chores, can develop a new hobby, exercise, hand out with friends sometimes, take care of yourself, and cook delicious food and enjoy.

Q.2 Is it necessary to always be happy during pregnancy?

Ans. Yes, but it is not possible for a person to be happy all the time, just avoid any kind of negative thoughts. Your physical, as well as mental health, plays a very important role in your child’s development, so practice being positive these days.

Q.3 Does a happy pregnancy mean a happy baby?

Ans. The nature of your baby will depend on you as well as your partner, you cannot be sure of his nature, but a happy pregnancy definitely ensures a healthy baby.

Q.4 Can negative thoughts affect pregnancy?

Ans. Negative thoughts can cause stress and anxiety and it directly affects your health and the development of your baby. So, it is suggested to be happy and stay away from any kind of negative thoughts during pregnancy.

Q.5 What causes crying during pregnancy?

Ans. It is normal for a pregnant woman to feel sad just because of her hormonal changes. But try to distract yourself and don’t make a habit of it. It is ok for sometimes but when it becomes regular then it can harm you.

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