Beauty Tips for Hair for Amazing Long and Thick Hair

Our hair is something that appears first when we meet someone, either you are meeting face to face or having a video call, something that appears the most is your hair. You cannot even hide it every time. Apart from our looks our hair also plays an important role in our life. All girls wish to have long and shiny hair and it is possible if you follow the below tips.

Easy Tips to Maintain Your Long and Thick Hair

  1. Use Good Comb

All of us comb our hair and it is also found good for the health of our scalp. Combing increases the blood circulation of our scalp that promotes hair health and new hair growth.

There are various glands in our body similarly it is sebaceous glands found in our scalp and it produces a natural oil. When we comb our hair this oil spreads on the entire hair and makes it look shiny and is good for your hair health.

But do you really know how to comb? And what kind of comb you should use for thick and long hairs?

It is always recommended to stay away from styling sleek combs, instead use a wide and wooden comb. A wide comb promotes less hair fall and easily removes the tangle from your hair and you can also comb your hair multiple times to promote your scalp health.

So, the vote goes to wide combs, although you can also use hairbrush but use the flat one instead of the cylindrical one.

2. Know your Shampoo

Generally, we never know what ingredients are served in our shampoo; we buy shampoo recommended by others or simply choose a random one. But we never know what is good for our hair health and what is bad. While buying your shampoo know the ingredients and avoid these harmful chemicals:

  • Parabens

Parabens are harmful chemicals present in the human body, these chemicals are Xenoestrogens. These Xenoestrogens are disturbing elements for our hormones and increase the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Paraben is used to protect the product from bacterial growth and it is widely used in not only shampoos but also in scrubs, lipsticks, deodorants, lotions, etc.

Since 1950 companies are using this chemical in different cosmetic products. Some countries like the US, UK have boycotted using chemical products and they have started using totally natural products. There are many natural brands that do not use these ingredients.

So next time when you choose your shampoo, avoid paraben-free product.

  • Sulfates

Sulfate is the cleansing element used in shampoos, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, etc. It forms foam and clean extra dirt and oil from the body. Especially when you apply it in the form of shampoo it works on your scalp and is very harsh on your skin and wipes out all the natural oil and moisture from your scalp.

Loss of moisture in your scalp also causes excess hair fall, premature graying, thins density, etc.

3. Don’t Use Blow Dryers

Most of us use hair dryers whenever we wash our hair; it is fine if you use it seldom but once it becomes your habit then it can really damage your hair. Our scalp produces natural oil and maintains the moisture of our scalp and leads to healthy hair. This oil also protects our scalp from various infections, dandruff, etc.

Using hairdryers can dry out natural oil and results in dry hair, excess hair fall, premature graying, etc.

4. Silk Pillow for Silky Hair

We learn a lot from our surroundings and it can also be seen in our nature, similarly, when we use silk pillow cover our hair also looks silky, I know it sounds strange but try this trick for once and you will the difference.

There is a belief that cotton pillow absorbs the oil and dirt from our face and hair and it further causes pimples and various hair infections, whereas when we use silk fabric it absorbs less moisture or dirt, so it is considered a better option.

Silk fabric reduces the friction between your hair, skin, and pillow which reduces the risk of wrinkles and other hair issues.

5. Trimming is Necessary

There is a myth famous among people, ‘if we trim our hair frequently it will grow faster’. But the fact is, it our hair that grows from the scalp and trimming is only required to remove your split ends. Trimming makes our hair look healthy.

Split ends also causes frizziness in our hair which leads to hair fall. So, you should trim you hair to make them look healthy and stop your hair fall.

6. Don’t Wrap Up

It is always recommended to deal with your wet hair with extra care, so either you comb them, wrap them, all are harmful. When our hair is wet it becomes delicate, in the same way as your nails become soft when they are wet and they crack easily.

When we wrap our hair it holds the moisture within and ends up with hair fall due to the presence of moisture. So, it is always suggested to open up your hair and let it dry in the air. During winters it becomes difficult to keep wet hair for a long time, so in such a case, you can take the help of your room heater. It will maintain your room temperature and will become easy for you to keep your hair open for some time.

7. Say No to Heat Styling Tools

Curling, straightening, crimping, etc. are the different styles we prepare by using some heating tools. They directly come in contact with hair and damage our hair. Although you get that perfect look by using these tools, it is only for some time and they do more damage to your hair.

Our hair mainly has moisture in the form of various hydrogen bonds and keratin (a kind of protein) and we use styling tools, again and again, they damage these hydrogen bonds and end up with dry and lifeless hair. They start looking pale and dull.

If you really want to use these styling tools you can use some heat protecting lotion first then you can use these hating tools. Although use it when it is very necessary because nothing can replace the natural look and girls are found more attractive in their natural look.

Apart from applying ant-heat lotion, you should also choose a good tool of a good brand to style your hair. This will decrease the rate of damage.

8. Try New Hairstyle

You might be amazed to know about this trick as to how a new hairstyle can give you long and healthy hair. Actually, when we style our hair we comb it in a particular way or direction every time and this results in baldness in some portion.

You would have experienced the loss of hair from one side of your hair in the front portion, it is not because of your shampoo, or poor diet, sometimes repeating the same action also causes hair fall.

So, try different hairstyles and this will help you to have equal hair growth on your scalp. It also adds volume to your hair and makes it look healthy.

9. Use Good Products

Apart from styling and trying new hairstyles one should also concentrate on the products you use for your hair. As we know our hair is made up of keratin protein and we should try our best to protect this natural protein for good hair health.

We use different shampoo, conditioners, masks, serum, oil, etc. and one should choose them carefully. In research, it has been found that there are some hair oil bands that serve mineral oil in their product which is very harmful to you.

Some cases of blindness were also found just because of these hair oils, similarly, you should choose Sulfate and Paraben free products.

Read the ingredients carefully and choose your product accordingly. There are many natural brands you can go for them and enjoy the goodness of nature in a bottle. Change your shampoo or other hair products at frequent intervals, because the way you cannot eat potato every time your hair also needs a different kind of vitamins and minerals in the form of different hair care products.

10. Follow Good Diet

Food is something that plays a very important role in your overall health. Similarly, some proteins and vitamins are very good for your hair health and you should definitely include them in your meal for good hair health.

  • Eggs: They contain protein and biotin in rich amounts and are helpful for hair growth. Apart from eating eggs, you can also use a natural hair mask of an egg. They are very good in both ways and make you healthy.

Biotin is helpful in the production of keratin which is a hair protein. There is also a treatment called keratin treatment for your hair available in which this protein is added externally, but it costs a lot and when you are getting this property in an egg then isn’t a better and cheaper option to have an egg daily.

  • Spinach: A very good source of Vitamin A, this vitamin helps our glands to produce sebum, which is a natural oil that maintains the scalp health. The richness of iron in spinach also works amazingly on your hair health.
  • Fish: Especially fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3 which is helpful in increasing the density of your hair. It also treats baldness, so you should definitely include this in your meals. Apart from omega-3 it also contains protein, Vitamin D, B group vitamins, etc. that promotes hair health.

I am listing some more food below: Nuts, Avocados, Sweet Potatoes, Beans, etc. are some of the best meals for your hair health, and don’t forget to add them to your breakfast.

11. Drink a Lot of Water

Hydration is the most important part of the human body and you can cure many diseases simply by having a certain amount of water every day. Your skin as well as scalp also needs hydration and it makes your hair strong, soft. So, don’t forget to drink a glass of water every hour.


Good hair is something you can’t get overnight, it takes time and by following each and every step carefully you can definitely get long and healthy hair. We take a lot of care of our body similarly we should also take care of our hair health. Hope you find the above article helpful and for more interesting articles you can read

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