Amazing Benefits of Keeping Alum at your Home and Workplace

Benefits of Keeping Alum at your Home and Workplace

Alum which is also known as Fitkiri and its chemical formula is KAl(SO₄)₂·12H₂O. It is a white color substance that is acidic in nature. It is beneficial in terms of Vaastu and for some other day to day uses. The multiple uses of alum indicate that everyone should have a piece of alum in their house.

Some Unknown Facts of Keeping Alum at Home to Remove Negative Energy

Alum attracts positive vibes which automatically brings wealth and wisdom for you. There are various uses of keeping alum and we have discussed all of them below.

  • Remove Vaastu Dosh

It is a belief that keeping a piece of alum in your room can keep you safe from all kind of Vaastu dosh. It is considered to be the best way of removing any kind of Vaastu dosh. Keep a bowl full of alum in a corner of your room or workplace in such a way that not everyone could easily see that. Also, change it every month.

  • Prevents Nightmares

Sometimes people get disturbed due to improper sleep and the reason can be many. If the reason behind your improper sleep is scary dreams, then you should try Alum. Alum has a property of protecting you from any kind of negative energy.

In such a case keep the alum in black cloth and keep it under your pillow. This will help you with horrible dreams.

  •  Improve Relationship

What every might be the relation, if you want to improve it alum is best for you. It brings harmony between people and removes all kinds of negative vibes from your home and relationship.

Simply add some alum in a jug of water and keep it next to your bed and pour this water on a Peepal tree. This will not only improve your relationship with others but will also bring harmony among family members.

  •  Attracts Money

It is a belief that alum attracts wealth; it attracts money from all directions and solves your money problem.

You can tie the alum in a black cloth and hang it on the main door or keep a piece of alum in your almirah. This attracts money and can quiet turn helpful for you.

  • Removes the Effects of Bad Eye

Alum carries many features with it and if you are searching for a remedy of a bad eye, then it is the best solution for you. It is very well known for its removing bad eye properties. The bad eye is nothing more than a negative vibe around you and alum removes it.

Take a piece of alum and rotate it around the affected person for three or seven times and burn that alum. Sometimes people believe that after burning the alum it changes into various shapes and this change in shape shows whose bad eye has affected the person.

  •  Brings Prosperity

Alum attracts positive vibes, happiness, and prosperity in your house and workplace. It is helpful in various ways and is also very well known for its qualities. Always keep a piece of alum in your house for prosperity.

  • Removes Negativity

Keeping alum in your bathroom absorbs all kinds of negative energy from your home and keeps you safe. If you are dealing with any kind of Vaastu dosh then keep a piece of alum in your bathroom in such a way that not everyone could see it. You can also keep a piece of alum in all the rooms for the best results.

People must tie a piece of alum in black cloth in front of their main door if they have any kind of old broken buildings, a cemetery in front of their house that actually brings negative vibes. All types of Vaastu defects can be removed by alum.


After reading this article you can easily figure out the importance of alum. One should always keep alum in his house for various reasons. I hope you liked the article and do not forget to share the magical benefits of alum with your closed ones. Keep reading Healhhelical and stay tuned with us for more such articles.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does alum really absorb negative energy?

Ans. Yes, it not only removes all kinds of negative energy but also removes Vastu dosh.

Q. Does alum attracts money?

Ans. Yes, keep a piece of alum in your almirah and you can also hang a piece of alum on your main door to attract money as well as property.

Q. Where should I keep alum at my home or workplace?

Ans. You can keep alum in any corner of your house to attract wealth.

Q. Does alum gets spoil?

Ans. You can keep a piece of alum for one or two years, it never spoils it loses its effectiveness over time.

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