10 Topmost Reasons to Put a Fish Aquarium at Home

Benefits of Keeping Fish Aquarium at Home

We always try various signs and symbols of good luck for various reasons in our life. Some of us want a hike in their carrier, whereas some want to boost their relationship. People deal with different types of problems in different places and stages of life. They seek an external factor in their lives to meet their needs. This external factor is known as good luck, which can be found either in a turtle or in an aquarium. Depending on our need and choice, we choose various signs of good luck to serve as a power booster in our life.

In this topic, we will be discussing an aquarium. I have bought complete information regarding an aquarium. Here you can find all the solutions, how to put them? What precautions should be taken? And what are its benefits? According to Indian Vaastu Shastra and Chinese Feng Shui, it is very auspicious to keep an aquarium at home. Let’s see how and where to keep them for good luck.

Benefits and Importance of Keeping Fish Aquarium at Home

  • Fish is said to be the first avatar of Lord Vishnu who is one of the most famous Hindu deities who is a symbol of growth, prosperity, love, power, etc.
  • Fish of various colours attract positive energy and removes the negative vibes from your house.
  • Watching moving fish refreshes your mind and makes the environment of your home or workplace stress-free.
  • An aquarium can bring prosperity and peace in your family.
  • Looking at the aquarium improves your mood and increases your concentration power.
  • Aquarium removes all types of Vaastu defects from your home.
  • Observing aquarium daily for some time reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • It is not only a fish but also water represents the flow of life and attracts good fortune for the owner.
  • It is a notion that when a fish dies naturally, it removes some of your concerns and problems.

Where to Keep Fish Tank in Room according to Vastu for Good Luck

  • As per Feng Shui, an aquarium should be placed in your living room for best results.
  • Placing an aquarium in the North-East direction makes harmony among the family members.
  • It should be always kept in the East or North direction.
  • Try to have the 8 fishes of golden, red, or orange colour and one of black colour.
  • Always have a blackfish in your aquarium, because it is a belief that they take the portentous on themself and dies first and keeps you away from any kind of misfortune.
  • Placing an aquarium in the south-east zone of the house makes the environment of your home stress-free.
  • Always choose the correct direction to place an aquarium. Improper placement can kill your fishes.
  • Placing an aquarium in your bedroom or kitchen can be harmful to you in many ways so avoid it.

How to Place an Aquarium for Best Results

It is very necessary to place an aquarium at the right pace and position because it is all the correct direction that attracts wealth and good luck.

  • Use various colour lights to make your aquarium look attractive. It is an attractive aquarium attracts wealth.
  • You can also add colourful stones to make them look beautiful.
  • Adding various decorative plants also enhances the beauty of the aquarium.
  • Always feed your fishes, feeding anyone is good for us and beings good karma for us.
  • Always check and maintain the temperature of the aquarium. The raised and decreased temperature can kill fishes.
  • It is good to have at least 9 fishes in your aquarium and try to keep the 8 of them of the same species.
  • Always make sure that the fishes are healthy and active.
  • Clean aquarium on regular intervals and always check the air pumps are in good condition.
  • Always feed your fish at a regular interval and ensure that the same person feeds them daily.
  • One should always keep 1 fish of size 1 inch in a gallon of water.

What types of Fish should we Keep in Our Aquarium for Good Luck?

  1. Feng shui Fish: They are of orange colour and are marked as a symbol of good luck and bring wealth and fortune for you.
  2. Arowana Fish: An Arowana fish attract good health, happiness and wealth for you and your family and maintain harmony among all family members.
  3. GoldFish: They are marked as a symbol of luck and they look very beautiful and attractive. Keeping two goldfish is good for couples because it brings harmony in a relationship.
  4. Flower Horn Fish: They are known for their decent look and are considered to be very lucky.
  5. Butterfly koi: They are said to be very strong and swim very fast. They are good for success in carrier and growth in your life. They can also bring new carrier opportunities for students.
  6. Dragon Koi Fish: It is good for students and working people because they attract achievement and success in a carrier.


Not only as per Vaastu but it’s a bit logical that when we are tensed, we just won’t able to overcome and having a pet always helps us in such conditions. It is a good thing to feed someone daily and we should always do so for good health and luck. So, either you have a pet or not you can feed street dogs and animals. When we distract our minds and start focusing on good things, everything around us automatically becomes good. Having such an auspicious animal (fish) with us triggers our fortune and brings good things for us.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which fish is lucky for a home aquarium?

Ans. As per Vastu, Dragonfish has been marked as the luckiest one.

Q.2 Is it good to keep a fish aquarium at the office?

Ans. Yes, it is believed that fish attracts fortune and positive energy and helps you to prosper.

Q.3 How many fishes should I keep in the aquarium?

Ans. As per Indian Vastu and feng shui, it is lucky to keep 9 fishes in your aquarium.

Q.4 Is fish dying a bad omen?

Ans. No, it is believed that fishes die before any bad luck strikes you. They take the bad omen on them and keep you safe from any mishap.

Q.5 Can aquarium fish eat each other?

Ans. Yes, sometimes when fishes of different species kept together can kill each other.

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